Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthdays - August 2020

Catherine Penninkmeijer likes to be well prepared for the arrival of her twins in February, and who's better to advice her in babythings than her mother, who herself raised 6 children.
She still isn't completely sure about the choice though and asks the shopowner for some advice.
With the advice of the owner in her head, she takes another looks at the pram, and eventually decides on buying it. With every purchase she feels a little bit more ready, even though the thought of having twins really scares her.
Only 2 months ago Anna and Bai celebrated the 1st birthday of their son Alex, and now Anna finds herself going trough childbirth all over again.
With Bai at work she's lucky her father-in-law, Wang, is at home to take her to the hospital. While Chao stays home to look after Alex.
A few days later Bai is more than happy to take his girlfriend, and newborn son home, so they can be a family together.
Litte Carl Zang fits well in the family, and as with Alex, every one adores him and is more than happy to be helping out.

  • I know you can't really see Catherine's bump very well, but I can asure you it's there, as with Catherine's mother, Bianca, she was definatly in the store, but she walked away when I wanted to take pics, so I left her out instead of trying to get her back to the right spot!
  • I'm sorry for the stupid cheerleader in the shot of Anna! She was there, in front of the camera when I wanted to take the picture. I couldn't wait untill she moved because then I would have lost the shot of Anna in labor and Wang running down the stairs.
  • So another boy, Carl. It kind of makes sence since in game Carl was born before Tessa, since I couln't wait any longer. As much as I wanted a girl here, I don't mind it's a boy. I wouldn't be as happy if Tessa were a boy if it gave me a girl here, if this sentence makes any sence.
  • I put Anna immidiatly on birth control after giving brith. As much as I like Alex, and I'm sure I will like Carl as well, I don't want the to have any more accidents because silly me forgot birth control!


  1. I think it's sweet that she had another boy, I think Alex and Carl will be cute little brothers together, and totally little pals.

    Looking forward to seeing what Catherine has, I can see her bump in the one photo just fine. I always pause my game to move people back where they go, or in the case of the cheerleader I usually pick up and delete them, lol. On community lots you can access the buy mode with the cheat - boolprop dormspecifictoolsdisabled false

    If you already knew that, sorry. It's a cheat that I love to abuse.

  2. Another boy! Sometimes I get s bit disappointed when I have my heart set on one sex and the pop out the other. But I'm happy in the end! Yes, remember that birth control! LOL

  3. I do like Maisie described with unwanted simmies. Yay another boy and I can't wait to see the twins.

  4. Aw, I'm glad you're not disappointed Anna had another boy. I'm sure he'll be just as adorable as Alex and that they'll be good buddies. And good to see Catherine preparing for her babies. Twins are so exciting - I haven't had any since Grace and Everett.

    I use InSim to delete unwanted Sims, because you don't need to go into buy mode to do it. Very handy!

  5. I can't believe how many of your sims are pregnant! That's going to be one huge preschool class in a few years time! I'm anxiously awaiting each and every one though. Fingers crossed for girls!

    Great update! :)