Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mishoen - July 2020

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The Mishoen Family
Goofy is 55, Fen is 58 and Tina is 19
(Niels Bleek is 20, Laura Penninkmeijer is 18 and Enya Terrano is 5)
Narrated by Tina

Last month Niels and I had enough of our lives here, and decided to go away for a few days, before Niels' finals started, just the 2 of us and the beach.
We stayed in a bungalow right on the beach, and to be honest we didn't do much. We played in the sand like little kids, and frankly just had fun.
I got back with a nice tan, and poor Niels ended up with a severe sunburn.
We didn't stay at the bungalow all the time though, and went out to see a little bit of the island, which was beautifull.
The last night there was a campfire on the beach, and we were joined by some of the other visitors. It was a nice ending of the vacation, although we both thought it would have been nice if we could have stayed longer.
Bakc at home mom and dad had done some redecorating. After years of thinking about it, mom finally decided to sell the gym, so they had money for the redecorations.
The whole house seems so very different, I could hardly reconise it! But it looks so nice, and mom and dad look so happy with the changes.
Mom has been trying to reconnect with Nio and his family. Both Nio and Stella have their hands full at the moment with work, and their 3 children, but they try to bring Enya over as much as possible.
I love those days when Enya comes over! She such a joy to have around, always happy, and so active, sometimes too active!
When dad comes home from work she always talks his ears off. You can see from his face at those moments, that he really has no idea what to do with her, or what to say. It's hilarious.
She doesn't stay night. Usually Nio or Stella come to pick her up after dinner. They always say she's so tired that she goes straight to bed when they get home.
Since my best friend, Laura, turned 18 we have been spending more time together. I've missed her in the year she had to go to school and I was working night shifts.
I haven't been feeling too well lately, and I had to talk to somebody about it. I was feeling quite sick in the morning, but felt better during the day. I knew what it was, and I even did the test, but it's hard to accept that I will be having a baby.
I know Niels isn't going to stand up, and do the right thing. I know he's not going to dump me, but he doesn't want to be family at the moment. I know for sure that Laura will be there for me.
I of course had to tell Niels, and it all went as I thought it would be. He wouldn't believe it, and started an agrument in the middle of 'The Hype', where we agreed to meet. I just turned my back.
Afterwards he came to talk to me. Again he said what I was expecting him to say. He will be there for me, but he can't be a family at this moment, he's not ready, as if I am ready! 
To top things off, I got into a huge argument with dad. He said he's getting tired of me just slacking around, and not doing anything with my life, like he's one to talk! And I hadn't even told him about the pregnancy yet!
I know mom tried to talk to him. Make him realise that he wasn't reasonable. But it was too late, at least for me. At the moment I don't even know if I can talk to dad.
I called Laura, and we started looking for a house or apartment we could rent together. She and her sister were already looking for a place to live, and are willing to let me live with them.

  • Goofy rolled this round's first ROS: Completely silly fight (highest relationship), so I had him pick a fight with Tina, it all comes together with his midlife-crisis I decided he's in at the moment. There really was no reason, Tina has a job, and helps around the house. I see Tina as somewhat independent, and moving out would have happend eventually.
  • Niels really isn't the paternal type, at least not at the moment. I have completely different plans with him. He's not a mean guy, but I see him as one who looks after himself, and always puts himeself first.
  • Tina on the other is very nice, and not selfish at all. She will never force Niels to be a family with her and the baby, because she knows he's not ready, and it will only end bad if she does. It doens't mind that she's not ready either.
  • I did some adjustments to a house I have Simmeria, and made it into a 4 bedroom, rental home with a nice garden, and moved Tina, Laura and GabriĆ«lle in. We'll see them again in 2021.
  • My sims are really rabbits at this moment! I'm only halfway the first year this round, I've had 2 births, and there are 7 planned at the moment! I wonder what the rest of this round is going to give me. Sometimes I'm even afraid to start playing a next family.


  1. Wow, a baby. I can't wait to see what she will do next.

  2. Wow, it doesn't seem like this baby is coming at a particularly good time for Tina. :\ And geez, Niels, you're not ready? You'd better get ready!

    I hope Tina's parents are as supportive as Laura is, once they find out. :\ Finding a place of her own is probably a good move for Tina at the moment.

  3. Oh man! I can't believe she's having a baby! I'm glad she's found others to let her live with them with a baby on the way. I hope that Tina's parents will handle the news well when she feels comfortable telling them, and yikes on Niels! I hope he comes around too.