Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Zang 2 - Fall 2017

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The Zang Family
Wang is 53, Chao is 54, Bai is 25 and Bethany is1
(Anna Min is 18)
Narrated by Chao
Bai moved back home after he and Mariëtte broke up last spring. It's not right to say, but I'm kind of happy they broke up, I never really liked Mariëtte. It's good to have my boy back home anyway. He seemed to have changed too.
He completely lights up when Mariëtte brings over Bethany. They have an agreement so Bethany can spend time with her dad. She stays here for 3 or 4 days in the week.
Bai really tries to spend as much time with her as possible. He does everything she wants him to, she got him wrapped all around her little finger. It's kind of cute to see.
To be honest, Bai is not the only one enjoying having Bethany over. Wang is crazy about the little girl, she's grandpa's little sweetheart.
And I can't help myself and check up on her every afternoon when I come home from work, even if she's still in bed. She got the whole household running around her!
And then there always is the day when Mariëtte comes to pick her up again. It always breaks my heart to see Bai and Bethany say goodbye.
Of course not everything has changed. Wang still is my second child, who loves to jump on the couch.
And Bai still goes out a lot.
Which leaves me with the cleaning, a job I really hate. But after all I'm pretty happy with my life.
I was a little bit scared when Bai started dating again, I didn't want a second Mariëtte walking around in the house, but he found a very nice girl. I really like Anna. She's young, still in college, but she's sweet, and really seems to love Bai, so whant more can a mother ask for?

I have for you an extra picspam of Bethany, because I just adore that little girl!

  • I know this update was supposed to be up yesterday, but I forgot I hadn't written it, so I'm sorry for that!
  • I desided not to let Bai be involved in Bethany's life, after all the girl is crazy about her daddy, so we'll see Bethany 2 times every round, once when I play Mariëtte Alenis, and once when I play the Zang household.
  • This household has a nice amount of money, and I got tired of playing them in this building, so I moved them to another house, it didn't really came up in the update, but they moved to Carla's brownstone :)


  1. Bethany is so cute, I can see why you love her so much!

    that treehouse is awesome!

    and its nice to see Bai having fun with Bethany and dating nice girls!

  2. Aw, Bethany is adorable and it's nice to see Bai is such a good dad to her. Having two doting grandparents is sweet too!

    Having Bethany live with her mum and her dad should work well. That's what I did with Nick when he was growing up and look how nicely he turned out!

    I'm glad Bai has found a nice girl. I hope we get to see more of Anna next time!

    Can't wait to see them in the brownstone! ;)

  3. Bethany is adorable! And I love seeing her with Bai. Though the goodbye photo is sad. Poor girl. It's great that everyone is so involved in her life and activities though, that'll be great as she grows up.

    This is the perfect family to move into Carla's brownstone.

  4. Bethany is precious. I love the last picture were she is eating the doll. Just like a baby.

    It's nice to see Bai found a nice girl, like Anna. Hopefully he will take it slowly and that they can make it work.

  5. Thaks for reading guys!

    Bbop I like Bethany a lot too, she really is cute.

    The treehouse is from here: http://www.aroundthesims2.com/
    She has some other great toys too.

    Carla I like Bai and Bethany, it would have broken my heart if he wouldn't be involved in her life. I got the idea of Bethanly living with both her parents from you actually, I liked how it turned out for Nick.

    Maisie I love Bethany and Bai together as well, he's such a cute dad :)

    oasisvalley Bai and Anna are rather sweet together, we'll see what the future will bring them :)

    I love it when toddlers play with the dollhouses like that :)