Monday, December 27, 2010

SVU 1 - Fall 2017

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SimsVille University
Kenneth Warner is 21, Johanna Belio is 19, Anna Min, Mario Burrie and Jason Savage are all 18
(Bai Zang is 25 and Jack Penninkmeijer is 22)
Narrated by Mario 

 It's only my first year at college, but I can honestly say that I really lik it here! I have to say though that not much has happened, but I'm sure that will change!
I would love for me to meet a nice girl to have some fun with, or even spend the rest of my life with. But that hasn't happened yet. Not that there aren't nice girls here.
There's Jo, she's pretty and fun to be with, but she's tied up in 2 relationships at the moment, or maybe it's already one, I'm not sure.
And there's also Anna. She's beautifull girl as well, but crazy in love with her boyfriend.
There is one girl though, but I'm still not sure, we'll see where it goes.
Of course college isn't all fun, we need to work too, and hard! 
But we take breaks as well of cours. Plumbbob Hall is really well accomodated for everything.
I mostly hang out with Jason, one of the other new ones. There is another guy in the dorms as well, Kenneth, but we hardly see him. He's in his 4th year and is in his room all the time.
If their boyfriends aren't over, Jo and Anna mostly spend their time togehter, apparently they are cousins and on top of that best friends, they do almost everything together, even studying.
All the hard work Kenneth has been doing did pay off, he graduated this year, and will be moving out of the dorm soon. Seeing him graduate has made us all more motivated to keep working, so we can get there as well.

  • I know this is a rather lousy update, especially since it's the last one of this round! I still don't like playing college that much but I keep trying, but not much has happened this round!
  • Kenneth was there, but for some reason he doesn't show up in one of the pictures! Anyway he did well, and graduated, he will be movin in with his friend Elisa for a year, untill he marries his boyfriend, Lawrence Penninkmeijer.
  • Jo did break up with Marcus, the other boyfriend, but since it was Mario telling this round I couldn't find a place to put it in. I have thought about letting Jo narrate, but in the end went with Mario.
  • Jo, Anna, Mario and Jason all did will too, they all finished their year. Next round there will be some 'new' faces here at SVU.
  • As said before, this is the last post of this round. Next week I'll let you in on the changes, next is my very first ROS, and then the first birthday-post of round 10!


  1. Ooh, are you excited to start ROS? I always am...actually, I'm usually excited and terrified at the same time, lol!

    Mario seems like he's having a good time at college. Blondie in the purple top certainly seems receptive to his advances. Can't wait to see what, if anything, happens with her. :)

  2. Jo and Anna are by far the cutest girls, maybe next round Mario might have a chance there. ;) Or maybe blondie will turn out to be a good choice too! He's plenty young enough to find someone at some point in life. No rush really.

    I'm looking forward to your ROS, I always get excited to roll mine! You just never know what will happen!