Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Min 1 - Fall 2017

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The Min Family
Quan is 47, Chu is 46 and Benny is 12
Narrated by Chu
Some time ago I went a little bit crazy and bought us some help in the garden. None of us really likes tending the garden, and we reallty can't afford to hire a gardner, so this little robot seemed like the perfect solution.
Of course this things doesn't do it all, therefor one of us is still forced to work in the garden once in a while, and I feel kind of ripped off!
In the mean time, the bill keep comming in. It's not like we are poor or anything, we could just use a little bit of extra money.
Especially since Benny outed the wish that he too wants to go to college in a few years. Anna is there with a studentloan at the moment, and I'm afraid the Benny will have to do the same.
He has been working really hard so he can earn some scholarships so the cost won't be as high and he still has a few years before he leaves for college. Who can deny a boy to go to college when he has been working this hard?
We do save some money on smaller things. Quan is rather handy, and can fix our broken electronic appliances so we don't need to hire a technician.
And everybody really helps around the house so we don't have to hire a maid. I fear next year a little bit, because then it's taxtime, and I'm a little bit afraid for the amount we will have to pay.
I think all the studying sometimes makes Benny wish he was still a little kid, without a care in the world, because sometimes he just doesn't act like his age, but who can blame him?
Sometimes I wonder if he's lonely. He hardly ever brings home friends, and going out isn't really something he does either. I really don't think a 12-year old prefers to have diner with his mother instead of going out with his friends.
It's not like he doesn't have friends, we find him on the phone quite a lot, and some time ago I even heard him say he went to a party in SimsVille Up Hill, something I had no knowledge about, but anyway.
And he does go out too, but mostly on his own, and just to the parc across the street. Maybe he's just too young for me to expect him to be out every afternoon, and every night during weekends. Now I come to think of it, I don't think Anna would have gone out as much as she did if she didn't had Jo to drag her everywhere.

  • I know the update is yet again a little bit too late, so again, I'm sorry for that! If all goes well I will have the last post of this round up by next week. Then there will follow some post with minor changes for next round, then there will be my very first ROS-post, and then round 10 can start!!
  • This really must be one of my poorest families in SimsVille. They do bring in money, and Chu and Quan do get promotoins, but somehow they don't have a lot of money.
  • Benny really doesn't seem like the kind of guy to go out a lot. He's kind of shy. He does have friends, and he calls them and they call him too, but that's about it. On the other hand the guy is only 12 by now, so it's possible that will change during the next rounds.
  • Oh, and Benny is the one who got into a fight with Matthew Zanobi at the Penninkmeijer Residence during that party.


  1. I have families like that too. They bring a good amount of money in, but somehow, it all tends to get spent and they don't save much.

    Hopefully, it'll be fixed by the time you read this but your pictures in the post you linked to weren't working.

    But anyway, minus the fight, my James was like Benny as a teen and he's turned out okay in the end. He was just a late bloomer. His first kiss was with Madelyn and that wasn't until he was in college.

  2. Benny has plenty of time to get bit by the social bug, or at least get a good friend that he hangs out with all the time. I too, have a family or two that make decent money, but apparently it's not enough. Pretty realistic too.

    It's good Benny decided he wanted to college now, so he has plenty of time to earn scholarships. And who knows, maybe by then his family will be a bit better off financially.