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Draper 1 - Winter 2014

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The Draper Family
Jason and Ada are 36
Ada: Jason has been working really hard lately, and after taking out a loan, we were able to add an extra floor to the house. The furniture upstairs is spare, but I like it.
Adding the extra floor made me realise it was time for me to get my life back together. I started looking for a job againg, without finding any good ones, so I called my old boss. I practically begged him for a second chance, and to my surprise, he gave me my old job back!
So life is finally getting beter, I stopped feeling bad for myself, and stopped thinking about the fact that I don't have a college degree. It wasn't easy but I needed to do that. Looking at Jason, and seeing he was able to buy a house all by himself and add a floor without any financial help from me, made me realise that you can get a good life without a degree, so instead of talking about university, Jason and I are now discussing vacations.
I think he really likes the new me, actually the me I used to be. I never saw that woman around the house anymore since that last time, and I feel like he's spending all his time on me. Sometimes I think about talking to him about it, or even go looking for the woman myself, but then I think about how my life is at the moment, and I don't want to ruin that.
He still does a lot around the house, but this time around he has help. I'm a terrible cook, so I leave that up to him, but even though I have cleaning, I still do it, we are saving every penny to go on a vacation so we can't afford a maid.
Recently I also felt the need to meet knew people, so I have been going about more too, sometimes with Jason, but a lot of times on my own too. I'm meeting all this new people here, and they only live one hour away, and I never knew that!
Jason felt the need to celebrate the fact that I was working again, and to me out to diner to the Greenhouse, I think he just needed an excuse. It's a nice restaurant right around the corner from where we live. I never knew it was there, I really need to get out a lot more!
We toasted on the littlest things, and had a great time! Since it was so nice, I desided it was time to bring up the big topic I had been thinking about a lot lately; having children. I know Jason isn't a guy that gets married, but I had no idea how his idea was about children, and ever since his sister had twins I have been thinking about children of my own.
Well, he wasn't completly against the idea, I think he was most looking forward to making the baby. So back home we immidiatly started practicing!
At work things are going really well, my boss was so happy about my change and about the work I did, that he gave me a promotion! I feel a little bit bad that I have to tell him I won't be comming to work in few months because I'm pregnant!

  • Ada and Jason are expecting their first child. Well, Ada's first, Jason already has 2, Anthony and Anabel, but he has no idea they exist. The baby is due in the Fall of 2014, and I'm really looking forward to this little one.
  • They have been saving to add an extra floor to the house, ever since Jason bought the house. Since I wanted them to have child I thought it was the perfect oppotunity.


  1. Aw, I'm glad things are going so well for Ada now. And a baby! Can't wait to meet him/her!

  2. Ada definitely can still have a good life even without a college degree. I wish her, the baby, and Jason well.

  3. Aww a new baby. Great to get a promotion before maternity leave! Higher pay while off work. And yeah on them saving up for that second floor, perfect timing on that one.