Monday, March 1, 2010

End of round 7

So finally it's the end of round 7, and as promissed there will be some changes in round 8. More about that later. First of all I want to congratulate our university graduates:
From left to right:
Sya - Catherine - Annie - Abby

Also, Jack and Lewrence Penninkmeijer, and Elisa de Leeuw have succesfully finished their first 1 year.

So, now it's time for the rest:
First of all there is going to be a change in the rotation. From now on a round will start in the winter, instead of the fall. So round 8 will start in the winter of 2014 and will end in the fall of 2015. This means there will be no fall 2013.
I changed this because it will be eassier for the new birhtday-system; from now on there will be no birthdays during the time I play with a family. Every birthday will be celebrated in the winter. If someone will be 55 in 2015, he will celebrate his birthday in the winter of 2015.
Also new in round 8, will be the schools. I have desided to have a primary and a high school in SimsVille. Principal of the high school will be Hans Mokara, and principal of the primary school will be Marie Gerrits, who you will get to know during round 8. I'm not as creative in contructing schools, I'm recently rebuilding Upper SimsVille, and it takes up almost all of my building creativity, so I downloaded the primary and high school available at Sullivan (thank you Carla). I've put schools in because, hardly any of my sim-children are teens know each other, and I want that to change. I don't think I will blog about the schools, after all I don't blog about university either, but I haven't desided about that yet. I will try to upload a school picture every round.

To finish this of, I'm thinking about introducing ROS in my hood, I'm still working an a ROS-file, I don't know when it will be ready, but I hope it will be by the start of round 9.


  1. Oh, I think you'll really enjoy doing birthdays this way! It really makes it feel like the Sims are aging together, like real people would. :)

    And I'm glad you've found use for the schools I uploaded. :D

  2. I agree with Carla, I LOVE doing birthdays on rotation basis. It sounds like you have some fun changes coming up, and like you, I did the school because my kids/teens didn't really know anyone. And it seemed the game always sent home townie kids instead of MY sims from the bus.

  3. We'll see how I do the birthdays this way :)

    Carla The schools are great, I just don't have all the wall hangings you have, so there are a lot of empty walls in my schools.

    Maisie I hate the fact that they don't know each other. My game always sends home townie kids and hardly ever my kids, and I hate that too, this way they at least meet each other!

  4. Tanja, a lot of the wall hangings I have are from this pack at MTS:

    There's over 100 (all Maxis recolours) so they should keep you going for a while. :)