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Zanobi - Januari 2026

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Zanobi 1 household profile

The Zanobi Family
Sophie is 51, Julian is 15
(Herman Davis is 53, Emma Zanobi and Finn Collins are 20, Chelsea Davis is 14)
Narrated by Julian

Mom is still dating Herman, and they seem to be getting serious. With Christmas he and he daughter, Chelsea, came over to celebrate and meet the family. It's good to see mom this happy.
After the Christmas at home with the family, mom allowed me to go out with friends for New Years Eve, but she made me promise to take Chelsea with me and look after her. Chelsea seemed to have everything under control though.
After all she's only 1 year younger than me, I didn't feel like I had to babysit, so I met up with my friends soon, and let he deal with things on her own.
Besides, he seemed to hang out with Malcolm the entire time, and I didn't feel the need to join them. Alana was there too, so I spend my evening with Collin, and Alana.
 To be honest we didn't do much, just hang out, play some pool, have drink, ...
The evening ended with a huge fire in front of the building. Depsite not doing anything outragious, it was a great way to spend New Year's eve.
I think the entire family was shocked when Emma announce she was pregnant, and that she and her boyfriend, who no one ever met, decided to keep the baby. So mom decide to talk to them and make sure they knew what they were up to.
I don't think mom hates becoming a grandmother, I just think she would have loved to wait some more year, especially with Emma in college, and working at the restaurant, and just in a new relationship and all.
I think Emma and Finn convinced mom they could handle it, but I know mom will worry about this forever.
Over the holidays the restaurant has been closed for some rebuilding. In the same period mom announced that she found a dayjob, and won't be home as much anymore.
I didn't see that one comming! But she said she got tired of just staying home untill it was time to open the restaurant. It's been years since we opened for lunch, and with both Emma and me in school, it's going to take some more years, before we do again.
I do get her point, and she seems really ethousiastic about this new job, being a realator.
And to be honest I really don't mind being alone in the house, after school or during the holidays when mom is at work.
I'm sure Alana is pretty happy with this arrangement as well, we just have to make sure she's gone by the time mom gets home.
After the rebuild the restaurant was open again, and it was back to busniness for everyone. It seemed like we had more customer than ever before.
I really don't mind working in the restaurant, and mom lets me keep my pay, so I have a  nice allowance, but I don't think I'll be the one running the business later.
I wouldn't mind a behind-the-scenes-job, or fall in if some one is sick, but working here full time just isn't for me.
I still have some time before my SAT's, but I really want to get to college, and get a degree. I want to become CEO or something like that and bring in the big bugs, so I'm working really hard towards that.

Zanobi's after I rebuild it a little bit, I added the glass part on the side and redid the interior a little bit.

  • I know last time I said that Herman had a son, but there's huge imbalance on the agegroup, and I already have way too many boys, so I took one of the townie girls to be his daughter instead. Her name is Chelsea, she's 14 years old and loves science. She lives with her dad in Simmeria and is dating Malcolm Landgraab.
  • Sophie is still dating Herman, and I do like those 2 together. Since it's been some time now, I decided to add Herman and Chelsea as playable NPC's. At the moment I don't have any plans to move Herman and Sophie in together - I like both their houses, and wouldn't be able to choose where they would live - but I think adding Herman and Chelsea is a good thing. I know I'm adding yet another family, but as long as I like them all, ...
  • I checked for Julian's future job, and business came out as the one. I don't think he has to worry about the restaurant since I'm pretty sure Emma will love to run it in the future, even though things might get a little bit harder with the baby.
  • About the household profile: I eventually decided to go with the same system as Carla and Maisie, and create a seperate page for each family. I don't have to restrict my text, and if I decide to add more than 1 picture it's possible without making things to complicated. So I hope you both don't mind me borrowing another one of your things, but they are all so good!  


  1. So cool that they have a family-run restaurant, that is a big job. Everything looks so nice, the white tablecloths, his server uniform. It is nice that Julian doesn't have to feel locked-in to running the restaurant if that's not what he wants.

  2. A good update! What is a realator (the day job you say Sophie has taken on)? On the picture she has a speech bubble with a dress above her head, so I guess it is something to do with fashion?
    The restaurant looks great! I wouldn't mind going there for a meal myself :-)

  3. Well, Sophie's a mum - she'll always worry about her kids, no matter what they're doing. I know my mother does, anyway! Hopefully Emma and Finn will do okay though.

    The restaurant looks great! I like the big Z on the outside - that makes it seem really exclusive and swanky to me for some reason!

    Love your household profile for this family! There's a lot of good info, especially seeing I've felt a bit lazy with mine lately. They've all been young couples, in my defense, so there's not much to say anyway. The good thing about the profiles is you can always go back and add more info if you ever need or want to.

  4. I love the family restaurant! It's great that both Julian and Emma help out! I also liked seeing the teens hang out together - something I need to do in game more often!

  5. The household profile looks great! This is a fun family, I'm looking forward to Emma's baby (happen to know where you got her cool sweater?). I'm glad that her family is supportive.

    Zanobi's looks great, the Z and the glass are great additions. I could see Emma running it, and him in business, hope it works out for both of them. I hope him and Alana don't get into any trouble with their home alone time...

  6. Shannon I've redone this restaurant more than I played I think, but I like how it looks at the moment, and I glad you like it too.
    It's always been the planning that Emma would take over. I don't think any one expected it to go this way, with Lucas' unexpected death, and the unexpected pregnancy, but it was never the plan for Julian to do so. He doesn't have much interest anyway :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Librarian I'm glad you liked it :)
    Sophie is a realator now, I know about the dress in the speechbubble, but I don't delete those, so I try to make sure to always use the pictures without the speechbubbles, if possible of course. Sadly in this case it wasn't possible.
    Thank you for the nice comment about the restaurant!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I guess you're right, that's what mums do :) I do hope Emma and Finn will do well as well, we'll just have to wait I see, I guess.

    Thank you, I'm glad you liked the restaurant. I over use those letters, but they do look good :)

    I don't think I have half of my profiles done, and the way I'm feeling lately I wonder when they will be. And I don't think I would feel inspired for young couples myself at the moment.
    One of the reasons I eventually decided to do them this way, is the option to add things. If I would have done it like I originally planned do, I think I would have added too much text for one page.

    Thanks for reading!

    Ashaland sims It's kind of been the rule in this family, that you help out in the familybusiness, and with Lucas dying all of sudden some time ago, Emma had to help out if she didn't want the restaurant to close untill she graduated. She didn't want to hire another chef, and she wasn't willing to close the restaurant for 4 years, she there wasn't much else she could do.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I'll have to look that up, but I'm pretty sure it's by Amaryll, not 100% sure though :/ I'll let you know when I find out more :)
    The Z has always been there, but it's been orange in the past. I don't think I ever shared any pictures of the restaurant before though. I like the glass addition as well, unfortunatly sims don't get seated there untill everything inside is full, and that hardly ever happens, but I'll cheat a little bit with that :)
    So far nothing dramatic has happened between Alana and Julian, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it continues this way! I don't think Sophie could handle another one of her kids becomming a parent this young!

    Thanks for reading