Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Simmerian - February 2026 Issue

Laura and Dennis try to enjoy those moment they have for just the 2 of them. In 3 months their family will be a little bit bigger.

With Laura's belly getting bigger by the day, and her feeling a more uncomfortable by the day, the options are limited, but going out for a nice meal is quality time as well.
Ada Grey's due date is approching and she and Christopher are aslo enjoying their last moments together.
But it seems like those days are over, because that same night Ada goes into labor, and Christopher really doesn't know what to do now. He does have the common sense to get Ada to the hospital.
A few days later both mother and daughter are cleared to go home. It's a little adjustment having a baby in the house, but little Hope Grey fits right in.
Even big brother Lucas doesn't mind watching her for a few hours when his mother is taking a nap, as long as he doesn't have the change her daipers.

  • I'm very excited about Laura and Dennis' baby! I'm eager to find out what they are having, but I'm more eager the find out who he/she will look like. I'm sure he/she will be cute, but I just want to know :)
  • So Ada finally has her much desired baby! She's been wanting a baby since Lucas was a toddler (I think), but it rolled away when I didn't give in - and believe me it was hard, but since Jason didn't want one and I kind of figured it would be a dealbreaker for him, I went with his wants. And now she met Christopher, and they both wanted the same thing!
  • I doubt Ada and Christopher will have any more children. I'm sure they would want more, but seeing their age I think they're going to focus all their energy on little Hope, who I imagine will be little bit spoiled with all the attention :)


  1. Hope Grey is so beautiful! It is nice she has not only a mom and dad, but older brother too!

  2. Hope will be beautiful, no doubt! I love her little outfit - I need to add more baby outfits to my game before Audrey and my Hope's babies come along. :)

  3. So happy that Ada got her baby, she's waited long enough, and the name is such a lovely choice for her little one. Lucas is pretty adorable snuggling with Hope, swoon-worthy for any teen girls in the vicinity. Looking forward to Laura and Dennis' baby!