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Roque - January 2026

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Roque 2 household

The Roque Family
Gunnar is 64, Ella is 62
(Yuan Zang is 36, Cole Rai is 35, Marcus Young is 34, Françoise Roque is 31, Madeleine Rai is 28, Eleanora Roque is 21, George Roque is 11, Charles Roque is 9 and Noémi Roque is 3)
Narrated by Ella
It's strange to be back after 2 years, but our kids come by quite a lot, so we already feel quite at home. I'm glad to see Maddie and Cole this much, and it's a plus Gunnar and Cole get along so well, they both love music, a different kind, but they can discus it for hours.
I was really excited when Maddie announce that she and Cole were expecting their 1st child, and I was glad Gunnar agreed it was time to move back, after all we've seen everything we wanted to see.
The downside to having only 1 kid, is that you don't get to go shopping for babythings that much, so I was very happy when Maddie asked me to come along when she went looking for things for the baby.
We don't always see eye to eye when it comes to decoratingtaste, but I wasn't there to tell her what she had to buy, I was there to give her advice. What she and Cole eventually decide to buy is up to them.
I could see she didn't agree with me on everything, but at least she listened, and even tried looking at things the way I adviced. I'm eager to see what she eventually decides on.
I'm sure Gunnar was as happy to be back as I am. I know he missed spending time with his grandkids, after all he lived with them untill we left. He was more than happy to oblige when George and Charles begged him to go ice skating.
I tried my luck on the ice as well, but I have to admit I think I'm getting a little bit too old for these kind of things, so I went to sit down quite fast.
I think Gunnar underestimated the whole thing, because he joined me on the bench very soon. Thank god they have cushions on those benches, because we decided to stay there for some time.
After all we didn't want to spoil it for George and Charles, and they definatly weren't ready to go home yet, despite all the falling.
When we eventually got them home, we rang Fran and Yuan so they could meet us there with Noémi. We arranged a little play area for the kids in our livingroom, so we could keep an eye on them the entire time.
With Fran and Yuan's wedding set in May 2027, so there still is plenty of time to plan everything, but they both are already busy with it, and are constantly checking for our opinions.
They mostly want our thoughts and idea's on where to go on their honeymoon. Even though they're not sure they're going on a honeymoon, with the kids and all, I think they like to dream away about the possibility.
Since we came back it seems like we always had a constant stream of visitors, mostly our dautghers. On one of her last visits, Ellie brought her new boyfriend with her. Well, he isn't exactly new anymore, she's been dating him for some time now, and they live together.
But she finally decided for Marcus to meet the parents. I know Gunnar was worried about the fact that Marcus is so much older than Ellie, and his demanding carreer, but I think meeting with him has eased his mind.
We both could see that Ellie was happy, and that's really all that matters.
I was glad to be able to go back to work at the shop, but this time I'm just a employee. My hours are good, and I have a lot of time to bake pots at home.
I've also started painting again. I did it years ago, but eventually stoped because of life getting in the way. Now that I have more time, I thought it would be nice to pick it up again.
Gunnar and I both have our own hobby room, and he speds quite a lot of time in his as well. He's still playing the drums and I don't think I would stand him playing in the livingroom the entire day.
When we were on our trip Gunnar I discussed our future as well. He's almost ready to retire from the army, and he's not ready to sit around doing nothing, and so he came with the idea to open his own music store.
We started planning, and now that we're back he went ahead with the plans we made. With the visits from children and grandchildren, it took us some time, but we made it.
There wasn't a festive opening, but it seems like we didn't need that. Customers seem to find their way to 'Gunnar's Tunes' without it.
Gunnas was estatic. It seemed like his musicstore was something the people of SimsVille and Simmeria have been wanting for some time.
Every day the store is open it's packed with customers. Gunnar doesn't even has the time to properly restock when the store is open, but he doesn't mind having to do that when the store is closed.

  • Gunnar and Ella are back! I wasn't sure how I would handle another emptynester's household, but they were quite fun to play, with their daughters dropping in, and the opening of the store.
  • I saw pictures on meetmetotheriver's tumblr where Gunnar had a music store, and I loved the idea. First is was only the idea of a music store I loved, but who would beter to run it than Gunnar, and so Gunnar's tunes opens his doors.
  • I've added yet another page to the sidebar, the SimsVille Yellow pages, where I'll be showing off my community lots, owned or not.


  1. This was great, to see their family from their perspective. The baby stuff store is a great idea; it was fun to see Maddie and Ella shopping for the little one. Your ice skating area looks great in the city-like atmosphere and it was so funny how Ella was tired keeping up with the grandkids. Falling sure is a lot easier when you are a kid, they just get right back up and keep going.

    Your Yellow pages looks great too. I wish I had time to look at it right now.

    And the music store is such a good idea; I'm glad Gunnar's enjoying working it.

  2. Your yellow pages look great!

    It looks like Gunnar and Ella have acclimated nicely back to life in town. Seems they will have much richer lives here with family so close by, and Maddie expecting her first. I can't imagine it'd be easy for Ella to miss that! Gunnar's music store looks great too, they've really jumped right back in!

  3. The music store looks amazing and it is, of course, the perfect business for Gunnar! I would love to have a music store in my hood one day but there are so many other things to do first. :)

    Ella seems like a great mum, the way she is with Maddie. Very ready with the advice but not too pushy. I'm sure it's very much appreciated. So glad these two are back in the hood and can see their kids more often now, especially with a grandchild on the way!

  4. Shannon It can be so different to read from some one else's perspective, I'm glad it didn't disappoint! I don't use the babystuff store enough, but I like the idea of it as well :)
    I think it's true to life that Ella gave up the easily, I don't see many 62-year olds ice skating for hours :)
    I love the music store as well! I just wished sims could play all those instruments!

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I'm glad the yellow pages are liked, I know there's still a lot of work, but I couldn't wait putting it up, I've been waiting with it for some time now :)

    Ella and Gunnar definatly are back, and found their rythm again. The wedding and the baby are sure things for them to look forward to, and I don't think they would have wanted miss out on that!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla When I saw it on meetme's tumblr, I thought that same thing; that it's perfect for Gunnar! And I love how it turned out. I just think it's so disappointing that sims can only play a small part of those instruments.
    I would love to see a music store in Sullivan as well :)

    Ella and Maddie was inspired by my own mum going shopping with my sister fot my sister's baby months ago. I know my sister and brother-in-law appreciated it the way it went.
    I'm gald to have them back as well, and the playsession went really well, even though I was dreading another empty-nester household. I'm actually looking forward to playing them again :)

    Thanks for reading!