Monday, August 4, 2014

The Simmerian - January 2026 Issue

Now that her only daughter is expeting het first child, Ella and Gunnar decided that it was time to move back to SimsVille/Simmeria, after traveling the world for almost 3 years.

Maddy is more than happy to have her mother home again after all this time, and she's also gald her mother will be around to help with the baby, once he or she arrives.
Elisa and Harald's younget, Ellen, is celebrating her 1st birthday this month. Unlike her older brother, she has her daddy's mouth, but just like her brother she has her mother's nose.
SimsVille Up Hill Elementary school is welcome another new bunch of students this year. First we have Kevin Ooms.
And Vera Lamberts.
Claire Tora is also turning 4 this year.
As are 2 of her playmates, Stephanie Penninkmeijer.
And her twinbrother Nicholas Penninkmeijer.
Nicholas and Stephanie's cousin, Eli Penninkmeijer is also turning 4 this year.
As is their other cousin, Olivia Warner.
Simmeria High school is welcoming 3 new students this year. Lucas Draper is the first one. Despite games, Lucas likes the study. At the moment he dreams of becoming an illusionist one day. Both his parents hope that he'll develop another dream over time.
Ross Zang is also starting high school this year. He's very much into parties and going out plans going out quite a lot.
Peter Spits is the last one this year to start high school. He has no dream yet about his future job, but he does hope to have kids, and that those kids will graduate college one day.
Stephan Belio is turning 18 this year, and unlike his brother, he's not going to college. He hopes to soon find a spot in the Simmeria fire department, and help out his dad in the store.
Steven Belio also turns 18 this year, and he is attending SVU. He choose literature as his major with a minor in education. He has no idea yet if he wants to teach elementary school or high school, but he's sure he wants to be a teacher.
Marlys Zanobi is also starting SVU this year. She decided to major in drama, with a minor in fashion, in the mean time she's still fucossing on her figure skating as well.
Graduating from SVU this year is Melina Mokara. She graduates with a degree in biology and hopes to soon find a job in natural science. She's living in Simmeria, and shares an apartment with Benny Min and his girlfriends, Joan Willis.
Also graduating this year is Matthew Zanobi. He now has a degree in sports with a minor in biology. He was discovered by a talent scout last summer, and leaves SimsVille/Simmeria for a couple of years to try and make it professionally as a soccerplayer.

  • I've decided to change the name of my birthdayposts. I don't just post birthdays here anymore. I've posted engagements and weddings here before, and I think I migh even post deaths here as well, if I can't work them out in the update. I think it would be cruel to call it 'birthdays' in that case. So from now on it will my birthdaypost will be called 'The Simmerian' after the Simmerian paper. The post will still be labeled birthdays though.
  • On to the post now! I love Vera Lamberts, she's always been a cutie, as is her brother, but I just love her as a kid, and I can't wait to see her grow up. I also like Eli quite a lot! He's still is a very cute boy! Both Melina and Marlys turned out great! And I adore Matthew, who looks stunning!
  • Ellen is cute, she doesn't look that much like her brother, which I kind of like. Both Stephanie and Nicholas are Penninkmeijers, which you can tell by looking at them. But I think Nicholas is a true Penninkmeijer. I can't explain why, but I tink it has something to do with his chin, which is kind of 'missing', and the shape of his face.
  • I have to admit that I'm a little bit disappointed in Lucas Draper. I thought he was a really cute kid, and I had high expectation of him as a teen. It's not that I think he's ugly or anything, he just didn't turn out how I expected.
  • Gunnar and Ella left 3 years ago to see the world, all thanks to ROS. But now that Madeleine is expecting her first child, I thought it was time for them to move back, Ella seems like the kind of mother to want to be close to her daughter when she's having a kid. So even though I don't like empy-nesters that much, I moved Ella and Gunnar into a new house in Simmeria.
  • Stephan Belio is the first teen in some time who won't be going to college. At first I thought I let him live at home with his parents. But like every adult he rolled the want to move out as soon as he became an adult. He seems like the kind of person to want to live on his own, so I think I'm going to oblige this time. And leave me with yet another empy-nester-household, and a household with only 1 sim.
  • For this round some new households are formed, and others are broken up. Matthew left SimsVille and Simmeria, and is trying to make it in professional soccer, which I still need to figure out how I'll be going to do that. So this left Benny all alone, so Joan moved in with him. With Emma getting pregnant, very unexpetedly, Finn moved in with her, and due to lack of room Melina had to find another place to live, so she now lives with Benny and Joan. Marlys and Steven moved into PlumbBob Hall, which will be a little bit akward for Marlys, since her ex-boyfriend, Morgan, lives there as well. And Stephan will be living on his own in a trailer in Simmeria, this way he's closer to the fire department, at least that's the excuse he used with his parents, but in reallity he lives on the other side of Simmeria.
  • I have to say that I love the DNA-strings I added some time ago, thank you Carla for charing, they are great! But I do think I have a little bit too much sims who will eventually end up with glasses when they are older. But still it's nice. I might adjust some when I'm playing, but we'll see when I come to that.


  1. Tanja, calling it the Simmerian after the newpaper is a great idea! Vera is really cute…all your kids are ADORABLE, and you have such a big kindergarten class! So now you have two new empty-nester households? You have so many households in flux, is it fun getting everyone re-settled?

  2. So much cute!! I especially adore Ellen, she's got such a sweet face, I was surprise Ross is into sneaking out, I guess I thought he'd be more studious (aka like Ross from the TV show Friends, cause he's my only reference for the name Ross!) lol. But I'm excited to see what kind of mischief Ross gets into now that he's a teen. Stephan and Steven are both gorgeous, they totally aged up nicely. Kevin looks like the poster kid of some commercial, just so many great age ups! There really are a ton of changes with your housing situations too, glad you got it all sorted, sometimes those tasks are fun, and other times they are frustrating when they weren't what was planned.

  3. I like the new "birthdays" format! It makes a lot of sense if you're not only using the posts for birthdays. :)

    My gosh though, what a bumper load of birthdays! Wow! All your new kids are so adorable but Kevin and Claire are killing me with their adorability. And Eli and Olivia look like sweet little bookworms with their glasses!

    You know, as a teen, Lucas kind of reminds me of the Australian comedian Chris Lilley. It's the longer chin, I think. All I ask is that my sims aren't totally freakish looking, so I think I'd be happy with Lucas. :) He's cute in a unique sort of way.

    The Belio twins are really handsome - I love those sleepy eyes! I can't wait to see what they get up to in college, along with Marlys.

  4. Shannon I really like Vera as well, I can't to see her grow up some more :)
    My school is going to explode! But don't you just love all those kids? ;)
    I love decorating everyone's houses, so I love getting every one setteled in.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie Ellen really is an intersting one, she's going to break some hearts when she's older, I'm sure of that. I was surprised about Ross as well, Ross from friend is also the only Ross I know, and I thought he would be more like that, but he's a pleasure sim, I think he's going to be intersting to play.
    I'm glad to have the housing sorted out as well, it wasn't that difficult this time, but you're right it's not always fun to do.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I'm glad the new format is liked :)

    I like them all as well! Eli has always been on of my favourites and that hasn't changed. He sure looks like a little bookworm, which is really cute.

    Well Lucas isn't freakish looking, so I'm happy with that, it's just that I thought he would look different. I'm sure I'll get used to him :)

    Ah yes those sleepy eyes, they lookg great. I'm actually looking forward to my college this time!

    Thanks for reading!