Thursday, April 24, 2014

de Leeuw - June 2025

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The de Leeuw Family
Harald is 33, Elisa is 30, Brent is 4 and Ellen is 5 months
(Larissa de Leeuw is 67, Berend Lillig is 65, Fen Mishoen is 63, Harry Wagtmans is 56, Mairi Wagtmans is 55, Yin Mokara is 50, Kenneth Warner is 29, Julie Warner is and Camille Wagtmans is 3 months)
Narrated by Harald
We were a little bit worried about Brent's reaction about not longer being the only child, but he has been great with his sister. When Elisa or I are holding Ellen he always asks if he can play with her.
Sometimes she cries at night, but he's never woken up by it, so that's a good thing. He hates the dirty diapers though, but let's be honest who doesn't?
We do try to make sure he feels loved, and that he's still important to us.
But we also want to be sure that he knows that we feel the same way about Ellen, and that we love her as much as we love him.
Elisa makes time to help him with his homework everyday. It's not much yet, but we want to be sure he gets it done.
And I make sure to be at home every night to read him a story before bed.
When he started school, we hoped he'd make some friends, especially since he's rather shy, and he seems to have found a good friend in Marcus Zang.
Marcus is the same age as Brent and he comes home with him quite a lot. 
Some time ago Kenneth and Lawrence that they would take Julie to go horsebackriding, and we tought it would be nice for Brent as well. So I met with Kenneth to go to the equestrian centre together for an initiation.
The initiation was very interesting, and they gave us a tour around the stables as well. Brent was impressed by the horses, but not scared, which is a good since we want him on a horse.
Elisa's mother and stepfather are in town for a few more weeks, and Elisa is spending quite a lot of time with them. Both of them adore Brent and Ellen, and really want to see them before they head for the Ardens again.
I think Larissa is more than happy she has a grandson and a granddaughter now, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind having some more grandkids.
Berend sees Brent and Ellen as his grandchildren as well, and he loves spending time with Brent, Ellen is a little bit too young for him.
Berend always makes sure that Brent doesn't get bored, last time they spend the entire afternoon nurturing the garden, making it ready for summer. Brent couldn't stop talking about it when he got home.
I can imagine it being a little bit boring for a 4 year old when Larissa and Elisa get together. I can even imagine it being a little bit boring for an adult.
Elisa and her sister never were that close when they were younger. But ever since we asked her to be our architect when were redoing the house, Mairi has been coming by more ofther.
I don't think Elisa was expecting Mairi to have a baby around Ellen's age, seeing the age difference between her and Mairi, but she loves little Camille.
I know she loves it that her and Mairi are closer, and I also know that's she's happy Ellen will have cousin of the same age, expected or not.
At work things have been quite hectic lately. We've been busy opening a new firm in SimsVille, and it's taking up a lot of time. For the official opening we invited over a profesional photographer, to take some nice shots.
It took the entire afternoon get some good shots, but I still think it was worth it.
The first couple of days Harry has been working with me in SimsVille, helping me set up and all. I'll be running this firm, and he'll run the one in Simmeria.
Fen, our legal secretary, will be working part time here and part time in Simmeria. It's going to take some time to adjust, but we'll get there.

Elisa (holding Camille) and Mairi (holding Ellen) bonding with their nieces.
The picture that was taken for the opening of the new firm. Which will get a nice place in the new firm.

  •  I'm not 100% happy with the make over of the house, but it's already the second one I did, since I wasn't happy with the first one either ... Anyway I decided to go with it and we'll see in time what I'll do with it. It has room for more kids, which was what I was going for.
  • The update is a bit of a mix, and I don't like it that much, but I got everything told I wanted to tell, and that's the most important thing I guess :)
  • Yes, I moved Berend and Larissa to yet another place! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I got tired of their old place, even though they spend half the time in the Ardens, but still I wanted them somewhere else, and now they have a garden, which I always like!
  • I wanted Brent to actually ride a horse, but the posebox isn't for children. I know I need to look it up how I can make it for children, because I know it's possible, but I was too lazy for it, so I had them follow a tour instead.
  • The new firm, is an idea I have been thinking about for some time now and finally executed it. Harald will still have to travel to Simmeria sometimes, for meetings and such, but at least it's not all the time, and so he work closer to home.
  • It's not been mentioned in the update, but I'm pretty sure Harald and Elisa will have more children, I just don't know when exactly, maybe by the time Ellen starts school. They haven't rolled the want for a baby yet, but both their IFS' is 3, and I was planning on letting them have 3 kids, just not now.


  1. The stables look great, what horses are you using? I really want to add one to my game, but I'm waiting for Elias to take over the orchard, get a big farm lot going. What posebox are you using? I know you can adjust the poseboxes in simpe, but I haven't had to in sometime that I don't recall. It was easy though!

    Elisa and Mairi holding their nieces is totally a sweet photo, looks like everything is going nicely, and Brent will probably really enjoy Ellen when she's old enough to play. It can be hard to understand babies when you are young. I thought their house was very nice, I can understand when you aren't in love with it though, I have houses like that as well. The new firm looks great, and being closer to home is extra nice for him and his families. Excited for when they decide to have a third baby!

  2. Oh, so many things to comment on!

    Harald and Elisa make such a lovely little family, with Brent and now Ellen, so I'm happy to hear they might have another one day. And I can imagine Brent being a total equestrian when he grows up! The stables look really awesome, from what I can see here.

    By the way, it is possible to enable pose boxes for kids but the problem is that the kids will be levitating above the ground a bit. Maggi at N99 solved it by putting the kids on an OMSP under the foundation but I'm not sure if that would work for all situations. If you want to see the sims' feet, for instance. it might not work out so well.

    So was the reason for the new firm in SimsVille just to cut down on commute time? That's got to be really welcome for the family, having Harald home earlier.

    Are Berend and Larissa living in SimsVille part time now or...? I wasn't quite clear on that!

  3. Maisie I'm really looking forward to using the stables some more, but I have no idea who I want to take there yet :) I would love to see stables in Millwood!
    I've read somewhere you can adjust poseboxes in SimPe, but I don't remember where anymore. I didn't think it was necessary with this one. I have to remember to look it up again.

    I think Brent will like being a big brother when Ellen is a little bit older, and he can actually do something with her :)
    I think they might have another child when Ellen starts school, just like they had Ellen when Brent started school. That way they have all their attention (or at least a large part of it) free for the new baby.
    It's not that I hate the house, it's just that I'm not 100% sure about it, for now it will do, I might change some more in the future though.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla Both their IFS is 3, so why not let them have another one? Especially seeing Brent is so cute, and I have no doubt that Ellen will be just as cute :)

    I've read somewhere it's possible to adjust poseboxes, but I didn't know you could have those problems. Once I find again where I've read it, I'll give it a go.
    I'll try to post some more shots of the stables one day, but I don't know when just yet.

    I had this office building sitting in SimsVille, and I wanted to do something with it. And now that Harald has 2 kids, I could see him wanting to cut down on commute time, so I decided they were going to open a firm in SimsVille as well :)

    Berend and Larissa have always been living part time in Simmeria and part time in the Ardens. I was never really clear on that, but they both still have jobs, and spend all their free time in the Ardens. So they are close when one of their kids need them :)

    Thanks for reading!