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Mokara - May 2025

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The Mokara Family
Hans is 53, Yin is 50, David is 13 and Sam is 12
(Matthew Zanobi and Melina Mokara are 21, Emma Zanobi is 19, Zenzi Verbon and Anthony Spits are 12)
Narrated by David

At the end of last semester Melina decided to move out of the dorm and rent a place with Emma. She doesn't live on campus anymore but very close.
Mom and dad of course went over there the moment she and Emma moved in, to make sure their daughter was living in a good place.
I think they approve, they have been there some more after their first visit. Sam and I haven't been there yet, but I can't wait to go to college and have the chance to live on my own.
Mom and dad think that Sam and I are old enough now to stay home alone when they visit Melina, after all it's not like they're gone that long. It's on one of those visits that Sam decides to prepare himself some lunch.
Neither of us have any experience with cooking, but Sam figure it wouldn't be that hard. Apparently it was, because before we knew it, the stove caught fire.
The Simmera fire dept was very fast, thank god for the fire alarm! And they were able to control the fire before it could do any major harm.
But of course mom and dad came home when the fire fighters were still here, and the first thing they saw from the house was the fire truck in front it.
Mom came in when one of the fire fighters was giving Sam a lecture about fire safety, and how important it is to know what you're doing before you handle the stove.
I think mom was more than happy to find us unharmed, that she  just hugged us, instead of giving us another lecture.
Dad stayed outside to get the full story from one of the firefighters. I think we were very lucky that it ended the way it did. We are banned from the stove untill we learn more about how to handle it.
We have been studying ever since, but not just about fire safety. It's been rather busy with the end of the schoolyear approching.
Homework seems even more difficult than it used to be, and we have tons of it, or so it seems.
After school we ussually stay in Simmeria, and to the the hang out around the corner from school. 
It's easy that it's so close to school, and they have quite a lot the entertain a teen.
We actually stopped hanging out there after there had been some fights between kids from another school. It seemed like every time we went there, there was a fight.
Thankfully there's a new hang out right next door from our house, so we now go there. Our friends who live in Simmeria are allowed to hang out there after school as well.
I'm thankfull for that, I really like Zenzi, and I love spending time with her, which would be a lot harder when she wasn't allowed to come here.
Recenly mom and dad set both, Sam and me down to have a chat about our future. I had been thinking about it, and I think I want to go into politics. I have no idea yet if I want to a front person, or some one behind the scenes, but mom suggested I talked to aunt Chu about it, since she's running for governor next year.
Sam would like to do something with sports. He loves basketball, and has been playing it since he was little. He hopes to one day make it in his profession. Mom and dad did warned him that there might be a lot of travelling involved, but I don't think he minds. They also asked him to at least consider a back up, in case he doesn't make it.
I don't know what mom's going to do when both me and Sam move out as well. She grabs any occasion to invite Melina and Matthew over. She likes having her family over.
I really don't mind havin them over. I like hearing their stories about college, and classes and life in the dorms, and everything else they tell.
I don't think Sam minds either. Now that he set his idea on professional basketball, he wants to know all about combining sports with college, and since Matthew plans on playing professional soccer, and is in college at the moment, Sam claims him all the time when he's over.

 New profilepics for Hans and Yin.

  • So another ROS done. Sam's biggest fear was a fire, and he coƶperated very well be setting the stove on fire all by himself, when his parents weren't home!
    I have to admit that I cheated a bit with this ROS. David was actually the one who rolled it. His biggest fear was that Zenzi would die. I don't think I could have handled that, nor write it in, since he and Zenzi aren't serious yet at the moment. I do think that Zenzi's family has had a hard time when Mia died all those years ago, and Olaf is just now getting over that and starting with some one new. I know that in real life these things happen, but I just wanted to spare that family. So I checked with the other teen in the house, and went with the fire instead.
  • I checked for both Sam and David what they might do in the future, and David's best option is politics, he has 4/5 at the moment, but when he gets his degree it will be a 5/5. Now I just need to decide if he'll be a front man or some one behand the scenes.
  • Sam had more good options, including politics as well, but I eventually went with him wanted to be a professional basketball player. I assigned him the trait 'dreamer' which I think fits him quite well. His back up will be business, but he's convinced that he will be make it as a basketball player, so I don't know if he'll be going to college or not.
    I've mentioned in this update that he has been playing basketball since he was little, in my mind he has, I just never wrote  it in.
  • I also think that you can get into the business career without a degree (I know it says otherwise in my other posts), but just untill a certain level, junior executive (level 4), if you want to get to a higher level you'll need the degree (and I do hope that makes sense as well).


  1. How did you manage to get two firefighters there? I guess it is a hack or something; in my game, I only ever see one (and there are plenty of fires in New Maximiliania!).
    So good of the parents to talk to their children about their future relatively early on. Of course, in real life things often turn out very different from what we plan or expect, but in our games we can take all the important decisions :-)

  2. Totally makes sense with the business not needing a degree, there are several careers that I allow my sims to dabble in the lower levels without a degree, would just need it to advance. I think politics sounds exciting for David, will be interested if he's going for the face position or behind the scenes. I'm glad you spared Zenzi! That would have been tragic. Hans and Yin's new profiles look great! Melina and Emma's place looks great too!

  3. I'm glad you didn't go with killing off Zenzi! She's so young and that family has been through enough already.

    Basketball is perfect for Sam, if he's a dreamer. It fits that he'd want to go for a more difficult career path. Not that politics isn't difficult as well but it's obviously pretty hard to make it in professional sports and your career is often shorter too.

    I like your thinking on the business career. I'm probably going to change my own criteria to something similar, actually. Thinking about in RL terms, I don't know anyone who would expect to get a job in business without a university degree. But the very lower levels probably shouldn't require any higher education, so I'll have to have a closer look at that career.

  4. Librarian It's a hack. I've teleported them in, so they would all be there. There was only 1 firefighter when the fire accured.
    There might be some changes according to the future, we'll see what the game brings for these 2 :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I think you can work your way up through experience, but I'll set a limit in this case.
    I think it's going to be in the front for David I think, but we'll wait and see what he decides :)
    I don't think I could have handled Zenzi dying! But I did feel like a cheat about sparing her :)
    I'm glad you like the profilepics and Melina and Emma's house, you'll see more of it when I play them later this round.

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I don't think I could have handled Zenzi dying, nor could the family I think. Poor Olaf he's just getting on his feet again after losing his wife, I couldn't bare letting him lose his daughter as well!

    I can see Sam as a dreamer, and I think professional basketball makes a good career for him. I was thinking the same as you about him :)

    I still have to take a closer look at those careers about degree or not, but I think some lower lever are possible without one.

    Thanks for reading!