Monday, December 17, 2012

SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School

I've been in need of a new elementary school for quite some time now. This round I had 25 students, divided over 3 classes, but I only had 2 classrooms!
With my ever growing population, next round I'll have 30 students, it was time to build a new one.

I've had an idea in my head for some time, it all came down to actually start building, and here is the result:

The picture doesn't show too much of the school, but I couldn't fit more into the picture.
The school is based on my own elementary school, with some major changes of course, the real one is much bigger, and consists of 3 different buildings.

Some shots of the playground.
This is the first building, it's the one on your left when you enter the gates, in it you'll find the principal's office, Marie Gerrits, offices of the 2 teachers, Elisa de Leeuw and Magda Sels, a teacher's lounge, a gym and changing rooms.
The hallway. The door you see on the left is the one to the teacher's office, in front is the teacher's lounge, and on the right is the door to the gym. I couldn't fit in the door to the principal's office. The picture frames still need filling, but I plan on taking a picture of the principal, and one of the principal and the teaching staff.
Marie's office, some more frames that still need filling.
Elisa and Magda's office.
The teacher's lounge.
The gym, I know it's only a basketballcourt, but that seems to be the only sporty-things kids can do. The door in the back is the one leading to the changing rooms.
Hallway to the changingrooms.
Girl's changing room.
Boy's changing room.
On to the next building, it's on the right when you enter the gate, and  it's the building with the cafetaria and the restrooms.
The cafetaria.
Cafetaria's kitchen.
And the restroom.
The last building is in the back of the playground, and houses all the classrooms over 2 floors. The first floor has the grade classes, and a small restroom.
The hallway. All the pictures are from previous rounds, I plan on filling the rest of them with the ones from upcomming rounds.
 The restroom, it's the same on both floors.
The first classroom is Marie's - she currently teaches grades 1 to 3.
Next is Magda's classroom, she teaches preschool and kindergarden.
And the last classroom is Elisa's, who teaches grades 4 to 6.
The second floor is for skill learning. There's a library, a music room and an art class.
The hallway.
The art class. Both my elementary school and high school have subject teachers, the art teacher is Gabiƫlle Penninkmeijer.
And the mucis class is Laura Penninkmeijer's class.
And last we have the library.

I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope you all enjoyed the tour!


  1. Oh, this is wonderful!! It makes me want to instantly start my own school for the kids of New Maximiliania! But then of course I'd need a hack... and lots of CC... both things I have stopped using a long time ago.
    Therefore, I content myself with looking at the pictures of this great school you have built. It must have taken you ages - there is so much loving detail in every picture!

  2. Very nice, I love the layout of the separate buildings. I never thought about having separate buildings

  3. Kids can also use the punching bags, if you wanted to add something to the gym (if you have space!).

    I really love the school! The class photos lining the walls? Genius! When I build my new school (I'm not porting over any of my old lots, so I will have to, at some point), I'm totally stealing that idea, LOL! I love the red and white running throughout and I adore the kindergarten room. It's absolutely adorable!

    I keep forgetting you have sisters working at your school. There are sisters teaching at my RL school, though they're not twins like Gabrielle and Laura!

  4. Librarian I'm still amazed by that :)

    It actually didn't take up that long, only one weekend, and some extra hours, but once I have something in my head and I'm in a building-mood things like this go pretty fast with me :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley I don't think I would have come up with the seperate buildings when my own elementary school was one building :)

    Thank for reading!

    Carla Ah yes, I forgot about those punshing bags! But there really is no space anymore, so the basketballcourt will have to do :)

    I've wanted to place the schoolpictures on the school for ages now, but never got around to doing in. But with rebuilding I finally found the perfect place :)
    I'm glad you like it, and I'm already looking forward to your new school :)
    I wanted the school to have an overall uniform look, hence the red and white, but I wanted the classrooms to be a little bit more personal.
    The kindergarten room is one of my favourites too!

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Looks great! My favorite is the preschool room, I absolutely love preschool rooms in real life, favorite age. <3 The whole thing really turned out, amazed how quickly it came together for you!!