Monday, December 3, 2012

Birthdays - September 2023

Because Sya and Marie are expecting twins, Dr. Carette had asked them to come in a few weeks earlier, for a check-up.

Seeing the babies were both fine, Dr. Carette decided not to take any risks, and kept Sya at the hospital.
Later that day she also initiated the delivery.
And a few hours later, Sya and Marie were able to welcome Keira and Caleb in to their family.
Both Keira and Caleb were doing fine, and were released from the hospital only a few days after they were born.

  • I was kind of pleased that they had a boy and a girl. It also makes sense since they went through IVF to get pregnant, so it would make sense that they would get a boy and a girl.
    Another reason I'm glad with a boy and a girl, is that I was really looking forward to seeing Sya's features in both of them :) I would have loved that with Marie as well, but I doubt that will happen :)
  • Caleb has a really dark skin, like his biological father, and grey eyes. They are somewhere in his genes, but I don't think they come from Sya's side of the family. He also has brown hair, which I think is also from Marcus' side, since Felix also has brown hair. Keira's skintone is more of a mix of Sya and Marcus, she definatly is a lot paler than Caleb. I think her skintone is more like Felix'.  She has brown eyes and black hair, which I'm pretty sure, come from Sya.


  1. I love it when there are some surprise genetics that come into play! It's lots of fun.

    So glad Keira and Caleb are here - they've got two pretty fantastic mothers to raise them, so I'm sure they'll turn out wonderfully.

  2. Aww, boy and girl twins, how sweet! Looking forward to seeing their genetics, and love that they are already so different from one another. I agree with Carla's sentiments about loving surprise genetics.

  3. Carla I really like those genetics in this game! Especially when they have surprises like this for me :)

    I can't wait to age both of them up and see how they both look :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley Thank you :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I was really happy to get both a boy and a girl. I'm looking forward to aging them up and seeing their genetics as well.

    Thanks for reading!