Friday, October 26, 2012

Zang - May 2023

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The Zang Family
Tao is 69, Yena is 65, Xun is 40, Tosca is 36, Ross is 9, Mona and Nora are 7, Tessa is 3 and Marcus is 2
(Xiang Mishoen is 40, Tika Mishoen is 39, Yuan Zang is 33,  Fran├žoise Roque is 28, Lewis Mishoen is 10, George Roque is 8, Joshua Mishoen and Charles Roque are 6 and Michael Mishoen is 5)
Narrated by Yena

Earlier this month we were invited at Yuan and Fran's place for George's 8th birthday. The entire family was invited, which made it more of children's brithdayparty, but it was fun.
You really could see that George had a great time, and was loving all the attention.
It's great that Yuan and Fran live by the sea, it made the party so much more fun. Especially since May has had some great weather this year.
I really like living with Tosca and Xun, but we don't get to see our other grandchildren as much as we would like. Those family get togethers are always nice way to catch up with everyone. It's strange to realise how grown up some of our grandchildren are already. It kind of means Tao and are getting old as well.
I was really happy when Fran and Yuan announced that they were expecting another, even though hadn't planned for it. I'm really looking forward to this grandchild, especially since it may be our last one.
All the kids loved the afternoon by the beach, and I was so glad the weather didn't spoil it for them, so they were able to run around in their bathingsuits all the afternoon and we able to go for a swim.
We were even able to try and get some tan.
Tao sat on the beach the entire afternoon, talking with his sons. I'm sure he would love to be able to this more often, but it's hard getting everyone together in one place.
Tosca decide to stay home with Tessa and Marcus. They were all more than welcome as well, but Tosca said they were a little bit too young, and maybe she's right about that. She had a nice time with them in the garden.
Tosca may have been right by staying home with Marcus and Tessa. Tao and I watch the kids during the day when Xun and Tosca are at work, and we know from experience they both of them can get pretty tempered when they don't get their way.
They can be sweet kids though, and I love spending time with them, but I doubt they would have been happy having to wait for George to blow out the candles.
Tao tries his best to spend time with them as well, but I just know he's not into this age that much.
He leaves the 'dirty' jobs up to me.
While he sneaks away to work on another robot.
He loves spencing time with the kids when they are older though. And he really loves it when they ask for his attention, like Mona did some weeks ago when she asked her grandpa to teach her how to play chess. Tao isn't great in chess, but he loves that she asked him.

I like it when they spend time with us, and I love watching Mona and Tao play chess. But I like wathching the kids spend time together as well. Mona and Nora can sit in the garden for hours, chatting, and playing silly games.
And even though Lewis' parents are worried that he doesn't like spending time with his brothers, he's he quite a lot, playing with Ross.
Unlike Lewis, they all make time to be able to play with their younger siblings. Mona and Nora more than Ross though.
Ross recently is more into studying. His grades were slipping a little bit, not dramatically, and he had a talk with the headmaster. I think she gotten through to him, because he has been working really hard since.
I know Tao likes the kids more now that they are older, but I do miss them being little. I know Xun and Tosca have more than enough kids, but I wouldn't mind if they had another, so I talked to Xun about it. He blocked it immediatly, said that they were definatly through with kids.
I'm sure he and Tosca have talked about it, but I'm also quite sure that I won't be getting anymore grandkids from these 2.

  • I'm sorry for the lack of updates these past week(s). I have been really busy, which might have something to do with having the same shift at work as my best friend, and we ussualy find something else to do after work :) I've also been sick this week, and have been feeling like crap. I do have pictures for the next 6 or 7 updates, so I'll just have to write them.
  • Lately I do have the feeling that my updates aren't that great. I'll try working on them, but please stick with me while I'll do that.
  • I've also been thinking about doing a series of brackground stories on some of my sims and/or families. One example would be Tao and his brother Wang Zang. They are brothers, but have drifted apart before moving here. Let me know what you think about this.
  •  There will be no more kids for Xun and Tosca! Let me be clear about that! 5 really is enough. Yean however wouldn't mind having some more. I never thought that she would be getting anymore grandkids after Marcus, but then Fran got pregnant. I'm pretty sure though 11 grandkids is enough!


  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick! I am on sick leave all of this week with a nasty cough, so I get more Sims-playing time in than during a normal working week :-)
    Nothing wrong about your updates, if you ask me. I enjoyed this one very much, it's always nice to have family gatherings in the game, I think.

  2. Tanja, there is nothing wrong with this update or any of your recent ones. They're as enjoyable as they've ever been. I think we all go through weird little ruts where we're not happy with whatever we're doing though, so I understand. You totally have me in the mood to play my sims now. I miss having those big family gatherings! And at a beach house - this one was especially fun to see played out.

    You better make sure Yena doesn't hear about my Filippo and Maria. She might not be so content with 11 grandkids then! I think, now, they'd have over 20 but when Filippo died, I think he had 14 or 15! That family is insanely huge.

    "I have been really busy, which might have something to do with having the same shift at work as my best friend, and we ussualy find something else to do after work"

    Aww, that's really fun! I used to work with one of my friends while I was at uni and I really miss it sometimes. :) I'm glad you've been busy with good stuff.

  3. Librarian I'm all better now, but I was too sick to play my sims.
    I'm glad you don't find anything wrong with my updates, I just don't think they are that great.
    Family gatherings are always so much fun.

    Thanks for reading!

    Thanks Carla! I just feel like they don't make sence lately, but I'm glad you guys still like reading them :)

    I will never tell Yena about Filippo and Maria! I think Yena has more than enough grandchildren, and I don't think there is any need to add another one. Of course her sons may decide differently :)

    We hardly ever get the same shift, but it's always fun when we do :) I will be missing her when I change jobs in January :(

    Thanks for reading!