Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthdays - April 2023

Owen Tora already has a little sister so he really wants a brother now. He hopes he can help by telling the baby to be a boy. Both Erik and Annie of course now better, they are just counting down the moths untill October.

Sya Gerrits is due in the same month as Annie Tora, but Dr. Lambers already told them to be prepared that the babies come early.
Anna Zang is done counting down. She went in for a regular check up and Dr. Lamberts decided to let her stay. Anna isn't in labor yet,but Dr. Lamberts knows it's not going to take much longer.
Bai was called so he could be with his wife, and the deliviry, which really is taking some time. Dr. Lamberts comes in every hour to check up on Anna.
After hours of waiting, Anna is finally in labor. Even though Bai has been through it all 3 times before, he's still overwhelmed when it's finally time.
After some more time, Anna is able to hold her newborn son in her arms.
She really was hoping for a girl this time, but little Dean is more than welcome in their already busy household!

  • I don't have a preference for Erik and Annie's baby but I figured Owen would have, especially seeing he already has a sister. 
  • The same goes for Sya and Marie. I wouldn't mind seeing some boys their, but I wouldn't mind a girl either, I always though Sya was a pretty sim, and it would be nice to see her features on her daughters :)
  • Hands up for everyone who was expecting a boy for Anna and Bai, because I know I was! Can you believe my game? I even went back to hoodscreen 2 time without saving, like Carla suggested, but every time they had a boy! I guess it was meant to be! And so Dean joins the Zang family - who really have a lot of boys! - Wang Zang and Tao Zang are brothers who don't speak anymore, just take a look at all the grandchildren Tao has; 10 in total and only 3 of them are girls!


  1. Yep, it does sound like it was meant to be! Welcome little Dean! My gosh, your school is going to packed to the gills in a few years!

    Sidenote but are you just clever at taking pictures or do you not get that weird shadow from the OMSP on the bed? I can't see it in either photo of Anna on the bed but it always seems so obvious in mine.

    1. I'm still mad at my game for not giving me that one thing I want! But I'll get used to Dean I think :)
      I definatly have to start building that new school! There isn't going to be any space for the babies born this round!

      I don't think I'm clever taking pictures, but just lucky :) On the other hand I'll have to check on the shadow, because I can't remember it ...

      Thanks for reading!