Sunday, July 15, 2012

SVU - September 2022

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SimsVille University
Belinda Stevens and Margot and Melissa Mertens are 21, and Melina Mokara and Matthew Zanobi are 18
(Benny Min and Lars Mertens are 17)
Narrated by Matthew

It's strange all this freedom you have when you're living in dorms. It's not like I had really strickt parents, but it's still a huge difference.
One of the biggest differences is that I can go out when ever I want, which is really handy since I need a lot of practise for my studies. I go out for a run or a jog every morning, even if the weather isn't that great.
I have made up a schedule for myself so I would be able to combine my studies and exercises. Melina has been a huge help when I'm practising soccer.
I don't need any help with anything else though, so practising soccer together is a nice change for all the hours I spend in the dormgym on my own.
Sometimes other students ask me to help them with ther exercises, but they're not as interested as I am and they all have different majors. I do seem to like the teach them things though.
I'm not exercising all the time though. Since I'm minoring in biology, I still have to take those classes as well. Melina and I have a few classes together.
But since she's majoring in biology she gets to do a lot of cool things, and practice. Sometimes I'm jealous of all the things she gets to do in her practise class since mine aren't as extensive as hers, but I wouldn't want to change my major over it.
Last year it seemed like Melina and I were growing apart. She never talke about it, but I could feel there was something different. But this year everything seems fine again. We are the only ones with classes in the morning, this way we have breakfast together, which is really nice.
I'm glad we're good again, even though I didn't actually know there was something wrong before, but I really like here, and I would hate it if we broke up, which was something I was afraid of last year.
I like living in the dorms, but I do hate the fact that it seems like your never alone! I would love to have a laptop so I can do my paper in the privacy of my room.
But since I don't have one, I'm bound to do my paper with all the distractions that come with a dorm. Maybe I can save some money, are talk mom and dad into buying me a laptop, when it's for school they might be temped to get me one.
My roommate isn't much trouble, I hardly ever see him, so sharing a room isn't as hard as I was expecting it to be. I would have loved for me and Melina to share a room, but you can't have it all.
The one thing I miss the most about university is hanging about university is hanging out with my friends, Lars and Benny, whenever we can. Since Simmeria High is nearby we hang out sometimes after school, but I'm counting down the days untill they join me next year.
I'm sure they both feel the same way, even if Lars wants it for completely different reasons than Benny, who is really looking forward to the classes, but it would just be nice to have them around, and go out whenever we want.
I'm making new friends, I'm outgoing enough, and I seem to get along with almost every one, but I'm sure university will be a different expirience when you share it with friends you've known your entire life.
It's not just Melina and I at the dorm. Melina shares a room with Belinda, who's a senior just like Melissa and Margot. They've been a huge helping showing us aournd campus, and giving tips and advice.
Seeing them work, always makes me realise that classes won't get any easier as we get further, but I'm sure it will be worth it all.
Margot is determind to finish university top of her class, and is working all the time. She doesn't want to be distracted and even asked her fiance not to drop by a lot, they maintain a relationship over the phone.
I know getting high grades requires a lot of work, but I don't think I would be able to not see my girlfriend ocasionally. Luckily not all of the students feel the same as Margot.

  • Melina and Matthew did a lot of autonomous woohoo-ing in the hot tub, so I guess they worked out their differences. Maybe it was just because they were teens, but I'm glad they seem fine now.
  • Belinda, Margot and Melissa have all graduated with good grades. I play my game in Dutch, and the scoresystem in my game seems different, but I know their gades were good, not every one had the hights grades. You'll see more of them in the January birthdaypost.
  • Maybe it's not nice of me to say, but I will be glad to have some 'fresh blood' in the dorms! It seemed like these girls took forever to get through college :) In January Eleanora Roque, Benny Min and Lars Mertens will be new in the dorms.


  1. Yes, playing college does get like that sometimes, doesn't it! I have been playing in the same residential house (shared by a group of students) for a long time now and am contemplating sending them all back to a dorm, just to have a bit of a change.
    They did autonomous woohooing? I don't think any of my Sims have ever done that. They do kiss and hug and jump in each other's arms autonomously, but never woohoo.

    1. I've never liked playing college at all, and I always wanted to get it over asap! But when starting this blog, it just wans't possible to not write about sims for 4 years when they were at college. So I had to write about them, I've also been inspired by many other players who always make their college-crowd seem like so much fun!

      The autonomous woohoo is part of ACR.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I'm glad that Melina and Matthew have found their spark again, they are a cute couple. I'd try to save for a laptop too, but I like the photos of Matthew out in the common areas of the dorm. I wonder how things will go for Margot in the real world, guess we will find out soon enough.

    1. I'm glad about Melina and Matthew as well. I love them as a couple, and I do hope they can make it work after college as well.

      I'm still doubting wheter or not I'll make Margot, Melissa and Belinda playables, but I gues I will, I like them too much myself :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. They all seem to be having a great time, can't wait to see the new students.

    1. I'm counting down the updates untill it's time for my January birhtdaypost, so I'm pretty excited as well :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Aw, I wasn't sure how things would go for Matthew and Melina at college! It seemed like they were drifting apart a little the last time we saw them and college could have made that worse. I'm glad they've reconnected instead though!

    LOL about needing some fresh blood! I know exactly how you feel. That's why I've been so keen to get Jessica and co. and then Declan and co. onto campus. With 9 of them, I knew I was bound to get something new to focus on!

    1. Maybe it would have been more 'real' if they had broken up, but I like them a lot together, so I'm glad they are making it work!

      I think it has something to do with the fact that they get 2 sessions each round, but after a while they start to bore me, so I'm glad it's almost time to move the new bunch in!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!