Monday, July 30, 2012

Kids - October 2022

SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School
Principal: Marie Gerrits is 31
Teachers: Elisa de Leeuw is 27 and Magda Kievits is 22
Student teacher: Merlissa Mertens is 21
Subject teachers: Gabriƫlle and Laura Penninkmeijer are 20
Students: Michael Mishoen, Sayda Terrano, Anthony Verbon and Bailey Ooms are 4, Joshua Mishoen, Charles Roque, Nathan Forman and Emily Spits are 5, Bethany Alenis and Mona and Nora Zang are 6, George Roque and Enya Terrano are 7, Lucas Draper, Ross Zang and Peter Spits are 8, Lewis Mishoen, Sam Mokara, Morgana and Zenzi Verbon and Anabel and Athony Spits are 9, David Mokara is 10 and Collin Wagtsmans and Julian Zanobi are 11
Narrated by Marie

With 25 students this year, I was more than happy to be assigned a student teacher. This way I was able to split up the classes that they would be smaller.
Even though I knew Melissa would choose high school over elementary school, I choose not the put her in front of the higher grades, and gave her grades 1 to 3.
She's a really good teacher, and I'm sure she'll do great when she graduates. She's able to motivate even the least motivated student, by just talking she get the kids interested in whatever they are studying at that moment.
Magda is a permant member of our team since this year, and she's great. I've assinged her the youngest students, because I've seen how good she can be with very young kids.
I know Magda would be more than happy to teach every subject, even music and art, but we have some good subject teachers for that.
And I'm really glad for that, because some of the students are really terrible when it comes to music. They all love playing their tunes, but it can be really hard on the ears.
I sometimes wonder how Laura is able to stand it all. My office is just down the hall, and sometimes I can hear them even in there.
The hallways can get really noisy sometimes due to the lack of classrooms. We only have 2 classrooms, and a room for art and one for music. I constantly have to shuffle with the schedules to make sure everyone has something to do.
Once they are all in a classroom, it safe to walk around the hallways without getting permanent ear-damage.
 It's not just classrooms that are the problem. Lunchtime can be a pain as well. The cafetariaworker just isn't able to serve every stundent at the same time.
So we ussually eat in shifts, but that's really not the best sollution.
The only time where there isn't a lack of space, is during recess. Our outdoor-area is large enough for the kids to run around where ever they want.
All the kids really enjoy it and most of the time they don't want to go inside when it's time for classes again.
Some time ago Elisa came to me to discus the classroom-problem, I was really glad to be able to say that I've already talked to the hood council about it, and that they are looking in to it. Now all we have to do is wait.

  • I've finally gotten around to writing my 'Education and School'-post. Like I say with so many other gameplay-posts. I hardly ever come up with these great ideas! So I'm not taking any credit for any of it!
  • I may not be a huge fan of my elementary school, but I always love to watch all those kids together. And they do drive me crazy most of the time!
  • As I said in my previous post, I'm in desperate need of more room in my elementary school. There are a lot of new students coming to the school over the next few years, but there aren't as much of them who are going. This of course also means that I might need another teacher as well, but at the moment they have 3, including Marie, so they'll have to do. 
  • This was Melissa's last just as a student teacher. She'll be graduation next January, and will becoming a teacher at the high school, since they are in more need of a teacher at the moment.


  1. It looks like playing the school is a lot of fun! You've done that so well, I love the pictures of the children outdoors, and also in the class rooms.
    It is amazing your game does not crash when you have 25 playable kids and three adults on the same lot at the same time!

    1. It's pretty hectic playing the schools, but it can be really fun as well.
      My computer sometimes amazes me as well, I'm glad it didn't crash :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Lots of kiddos, looks like you'll be building a new school soon.

    1. I really need to build a new one, but I have so many other things to do as well, so I don't know when there will be a new elementary school in SimsVille.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Wow, so many kids! I can definitely see why Marie and her teachers are so desperate for more space. It looks they're doing a pretty good job under some trying circumstances though.

    It's a shame your high school also needs an extra teacher; I'm sure the teachers here would be glad to take Melissa on permanently next year.

    1. They really are in need of more space, but I don't when they are going to get it. I already have some idea's of what I want, but it's not yet a complete plan :)

      I'm sure the elementary school could really use Melissa, but Hans is still the only at the high school, and there will be more students at my high school soon, so Melissa is needed there more.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Look at all those students! It'd be nice if Melissa was coming back full time, I wonder what they'll do without her next year. I really liked the recess pictures, and the art class ones.

    1. It would have been really nice if Melissa would come back, but she's needed at the high school.
      I think Marie will be back to teaching full time when it's neeeded.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!