Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Terrano 1 - Spring 2017

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The Terrano Family
Nio is 26, Stella is 29 and Enya is 2
(Tika Mishoen is 33 and Xiang Mishoen is 34)
Narrated by Nio

I can't believe Enya is already 2 years old! She grows up so fast. In a few years she will want to do everything on her own, without the help from her parents, and that's just one of the many things I love doing with her!
I just know Stella feels the same way about it, even though she doesn't say it as much. But when she comes home from work and Enya is still napping, she goes upstairs to check on her.
Even though we are both dreading the day Enya will be more independant, we both want her to be just that. Stella is constantly trying to teach her things, like walk, and talk.
She has a good set of lungs, and I would love it she didn't use them so much at 6 am! The moment she's awake she needs our attention, she just wants out of her crib, that's all, but she screams her lungs out!
Even though we have been parents for some time now, it's still hard every morning. 
But the evenings we can enjoy, just the 3 of us. I wish my mom would be a little bit more involved with Enya, but she never was the motherly-type, and she never will be a cosy grandmother. 
Stella and I have been wanting another child for some time now, well mostly me and Stella agreed with it. So since Stella has been feeling sick lately she did a test, and it was possitive! We still need to see a doctor for a check up, but we are still very excited about the news!
We went out with Tika and her husband, and desided to tell them the good news. They were happy for us, they just had their second son, and would love for our kids to grow up together.

  • It's been 2 weeks instead of just 2 days between updates, but I haven't had much simmingtime. The time I did have wasn't enough to get through 1 play session, so I've been building some more.
  • I know it's been quite a boring update, but not much happened with this family, they didn't come home with promotion, they didn't roll wants to get promomtions, it seemed like their worlds revolved around Enya.
  • Nio had to want for another baby for some time now, and now Stella rolled it too, so it was the perfect time. Their baby is due for February 2018.
  • You may have noticed that some of the skintones are different from the ones on my sims' profiles, this is because I have been playing with replacements, and gave some of, what are supposed to be my asian looking sims, a paler skintone, like Nio and Tika.
  • I think I will post my updates in about the same shedule as Maisie does with Millwood. Now I have about 2 other updates ready, and I post them all this week, there is a chance it will be another 2 or maybe 3 weeks before I get the next one ready, and I would love to keep being ahead a little bit. So I'm going to post every monday, this will be much easier for me.


  1. I think your new skins look great. I like your alien tone, especially - I used to use that one (or a similar one) when I played with aliens.

    I'm glad Nio and Stella are having another baby. Enya is such a cutie. Hopefully the new baby will be less of a handful!

    I hope your new schedule works out for you. :)

  2. I adore Enya, so an update focused on her is ok by me!! Cute,cute,cute! They seem to do a good job with her and I'm excited for their second baby. Not all my sims teach their kids how to talk. lol

    Yay for working on getting ahead. It's nice and not nice too. But I need the schedule at the moment and it sounds like you do too! Busy busy! Makes me miss summer.