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SimsVille Families

Some time ago Maisie started with a family information-page for each playable family. I liked the idea of giving some backgroundinformation of the families, but didn't want to write a full page for each of my families.
Instead I decided to create a page similar to the one of my playable NPC page, where I give some information of each family.

This list is alphabetical, and the 1st family is always the one that gets number 1 behind their name, like Fen and Goofy Mishoen are the Mishoen 1 family, and Marc, Nuan and Tika are the Mishoen 2 family.
Uni-households and combined roommate families are not included in the list.

The Belio Family 
Bram and Ling moved to SimsVille when their daughter, Jo, was only a toddler. They moved here together with Ling's brother and sister, Quan and Yin, to raise their kids away from the big city. When Jo was 10 years old, the family expanded with the birth of their twin boys, Steven and Stephan.
Jo wasn't an easy teen, but eventually made it to college, and married Jack Penninkmeijer in April 2021. In 2022 Jo and Jack had their son, Eli, giving Bram and Ling their first grandchild.
Steven also made it to collge, but his twin-brother didn't. Stephan however did move out to try and make it on his own.
Soon after moving to SimsVille, Bram opened Belio's Bunk, a toy store, in SimsVille, while Ling started out as a housewife. When the kids got older she got a job in housekeeping.
Despite the succes of the store, the family never was able to buy their own house, and are still renting a house in SimsVille.

 The Burrie-Mertens Family
Melissa Mertens is one of the oldest daughters of Mia and Ludo Mertens (read more of their backstory here). She and Mario met at college, after he just broke up with his girlfriend, Magda Sels. Even though they had been dating for some time, they lived with roommated right after college.
In 2025 they bought a house in Simmeria.

The de Leeuw Family:

The de Leeuw-Lillig Family
Larissa de Leeuw married Johnny Young when he first moved to SimsVille. They had one daughter together, Elisa, and Johnny also had a daughter from a previous marriage, Mairi, but she never lived with them, since she was almost 18 by the time Johnny and Larissa got married. Seeing Johnny was quite a bit older than Larissa he died when Elisa was only a teen. Larissa raised their dautgher on her own. She found love again in Berend Lillig when Elisa was already at college.
Berend Lillig is the former boyfriend of Ella (Rai) Roque. They moved in together rather quickly, and have one daughter together, Madeleine. Despite living with Ella, Berend kept looking around and couldn't resist temtation in the form of Emily Robins. He broke up with Ella, and moved in with Emily. This was never Emily's plan, and the couple couldn't make it work, so they broke up as well. Not long  after their break-up Berend met Larissa, and started dating her.
They have been together for several years now, but still aren't married. They live in a rental house in Simmeria, but spend all their free time in their cabin in The Ardens, preferably with their children and grandchildren.

The Draper Family
Jason Draper moved to SimsVille with his sister, Mia, and their grandparents, Eve and Jonas, after their mother, Marie died. He went to college and lived alone for a while after graduation. Jason had many girlfriends back then, one of them being Kristianne Spits. Who broke off their relationship after finding out she was pregnant, and didn't see Jason as a fit father. She never told him about the pregnancy, nor does he know about their twins, Anabel and Anthony.
After his break-up with Kristianne, he went back to the girl he went to college with, Ada van Straten.  They ended up buying a house in Simmeria, they have 1 son, Lucas, and Jason opened his business, Cup Of Cake.
Ada and Jason broke up in 2022, because they both knew they wanted different things from life. Ada wanted to get married and have more children, which wasn't something Jason wanted. Jason got the business and Ada got the house. Jason lived in an apartment for some timen, but after selling his business he was able to buy a small house. Lucas lives 3 days week with his dad.

The Gerrits Family
Marie Gerrits met Sya Mishoen when Sya was still in college. After Sya's graduation the couple moved in with Sya's parents, but they didn't stay there long. Sya and Marie wanted their own place. Even though Marie was working at SimsVillle Up Hill Elementary School, the couple decided to move to Simmeria to be closer to the hospital where Sya was (and still is) working.
The couple got married in 2018. They both wanted kids, and so they contacted Sya's best friend, Marcus Young, and asked him to be a donnor for them. Marie was the first one to get pregnant, and in 2021 their family got expanded with Felix. 2 years later later Sya gave birth to their twins, Caleb and Keira.

The Gradonni Family:

The Heaven Family:

The Min Family
Quan and Chu came to SimsVille together with his sisters and their families. Their daughter Anna was only 2 when they moved. Quan kept his job as a gamedesigner, but was able to move to office to Simmeria. Chu started her political career in SimsVille, aspiring the position of mayor one day. She hasn't yet reached that goal, but she hopes to get there with the elections of 2026.
Chu and Quan already had Anna when they moved to SimsVille, but when Anna was 6, they expanded their family with a son, Benny. When they were 54 and 53, Quan and Chu decided to adopt a child, something no one in their families ever expected them to do. They got through, and in 2024 they welcomed another son into their family, Florian. By that time both Anna and Benny had moved out.
Anna surprised them all by getting pregnant unexpectedly at college when she was only 19. Followed by another unexpected pregnany a year later. After college she opened her own bookstore at SVU and got married to the father of her children, when she was already expecting their 3rd child.

The Mishoen Family
Lin-Mei and Gruns were one of the first ones to move to SimsVille all those years ago. Gruns and Lin-Mei opened their own gym. After their death Fen took over, but despite liking fitness, Fen eventually sold the place to focus more on a stable career.
Gruns and Lin-Mei's 2 daughters, Nuan and Fen,  decided to move with their parents. Nuan was already married to Marc by that time, and the couple already had a daughter of their own, Tika.
Fen, on the other hand, was kind of a wild one. She decided to stay with her parents, when her sister and her family moved to the house next door. Soon after moving to SimsVille Fen met Gunnar Roque, and she started seeing him. When she got pregnant, she hoped Gunnar would choose her over his girlfriend, but he stayed with his collegesweetheart, Frieda. Fen gave bith to their son by herself. She always resented him for ruining things for her and his father, and she was never able to to forgive him, even though she did know it really wasn't Nio's fault. Nio was mostly raised by his grandparents.
A few months after Nio's birth, Fen met Goofy, and not long after their first meeting, Goofy moved in. Even though Fen never had a lot of attention for Nio, Goofy always had time to spend with Nio. It seemed like Goofy was the one for Fen, because after a few years Goofy and Fen got married. And despite her bad relationship with Nio, Fen gave in to Goofy's pleads for a child of his own, and they had Tina.
Nio moved out as soon as he could. He didn't go to college, and married his older girlfriend Stella, who he later has 3 kids with.
Tina kind of took after her mother, and got pregnant at 19, from a guy who left town when he heard he would become a father.
Despite not being the best mom, Fen is a devoted grandmother to her 4 grandchildren. She and Goofy try to spend as much time with them as possible, and even moved to Simmeria, because both the kids live there, to be closer to their grandchildren. They take them out on trips and arrange sleep-overs.
Fen's relationship with her son is better now, although it will never be perfect.

The Mishoen Family
Marc and Nuan came to SimsVille when Nuan's parents decided to move there. By the time they movedto SimsVille theit daughter, Tika, was a toddler, and they thought it would be nice to raise her in a calm neighborhood.
Marc had a college degree history and decided to go work for a law firm in downtown Simmeria. Nuan opened her own salon, 'My Salon', in SimsVille.
When Tika was 8, Marc and Nuan decided to have another child, and Sya was born. Despite the age difference and the differences in their characters, Tika and Sya always had a pretty good bond.
Unlike her older sister, Sya went to college and got a degree in mathematics. After college she met her wife, Marie and they moved in together in Simmeria, later adding 3 children to their household.
Tika didn't go to college. She had been helping her mother in the salon since she was old enough, and so she decided to stay and help instead of going to college, so she could one day take over the salon. Tika met Xiang when he was still going to college. He finished his studies when they were dating, and they got married in 2012. Nine months later they welcomed their first son, Lewis to their family. Later adding Johua and Michael as well. The family kept living with Tika's parens, which was just next to Xiang's parents, and so their sons grew up with their grandparents.
In 2024 Tika and Xiang broke up. After having some minor troubles, Xiang said he couldn't deal anymore and left, he immidiatly filed for divorce as well, which left Tika heartbroken. Their sons now live part time with Tika and part time with Xiang.

The Mokara Family:

The Penninkmeijer Family:

The Penninkmeijer Family:

The Rai Family:

The Roque Family:

The Roque Family
Gunnar Roque and Ella Rai met at college, where he started dating her best friend Frieda Dekkers. Despite loving the women Gunnar soon settled down with Frieda, or at least that's what she thought. After college he and Frieda moved to SimsVille and moved in together and Gunnar opened 'Roque', a nightclub in SimsVille. At that time he also started seeing Fen Mishoen. That relationship broke off when Fen gave birth to their son, Nio, who Gunnar decided not to meet because he didn't want to tell Frieda about his affair. A few months later Gunnar proposed to Frieda, who happily accepted. And again a few years later Frieda and Gunnar welcomed their first daughter, Fran├žoise.Ten years later their family got even bigger with the birth of their second daughter, Eleanora.
When their eldest unexpectedly got pregnant at 19, they welcommed her boyfriend, Yuan Zang, in their house as well, along with their 2 grandsons, George and Charles.
There have been some moments when Nio and Gunnar tried to get a relationship, but neither of them are very comitted in making it work.
Ella's big love has always been Gunnar, but he was always more interested in other girls, and he seemed to have found love with Frieda. Since Frieda was Ella's best friend, Ella never acted on her love for Gunnar, and instead tried to find love somewhere else. She thought she found it in Berend Lillig, and for a while they were pretty happy together, especially when their daughter, Madeleine, was born. But soon they drifted apart and they broke up because Berend was seeing other women as well. Ella also started her own business, Rai Arts, a shop specialised in art and hand crafted pots and vases. When Maddie was older she joined her mother in the shop.
Not long after Frieda's death in 2021, Gunnar met with Ella again, and one thing lead to another. In November 2022 they decided to get married very fast, and they left for a trip around the world.
After finding out the Gunnar's eldest daughter gets married, and that Ella's daughter is expecting her first child in 2026, the couple decides to move back to Simmeria to be around their families a little bit more. They now live in a small house in Simmeria, where Gunnar plans to open a musicstore, while Ella still works at Rai Arts with her daughter.

The Savage Family:

The Snijders Family:

The Terrrano Family:

The Tora Family:

The Verbon Family:

The Wagtmans Family:

The Warner Family:

The Young-Roque Family
Marcus Young's father was one of the sims who first moved to SimsVille. Louis came here with his son, Johnny and granddaughter, Mairi. Louis married Jessica, who was much younger than him, and they had one son together, Marcus. Since there was a huge age difference between Marcus and his older brother, they never had much contact. Nor did he have much contact with his oldest niece. He still has contact with his youngest niece, but they aren't that close.
After the death of his father, Jessica raised their only son. When Marcus was almost 18, his mother died, he was left on his own. And he followed his dream of becomming a famous basketballplayer. He lived with Ingrid Carette for a while, a girl who was 10 years older then him. They broke up because they both wanted other things in life. After than he dated Johanna (Belio) Penninkmeijer for a few months, but they broke up when she met Jack Penninkmeijer.
After that Marcus stayed sinlge for some years, before meeting Eleanora Roque, who is 13 years younger. Eleanora moved in with him in 2024, when she was still in college.
Depsite wanting children, Marcus didn't hesitate when his best friend, Sya Gerrits, and her partner, Marie Gerrits, asked him to be a donor for their children (Felix, Caleb and Keira).
Eleanora Roque is the youngest daughter of Gunnar and Frieda Roque. She started dating Benny Min when she was still in high school, and their relationship continued when they both went to college. In the mean time she also met Marcus, and started dating him. Her break-up with Benny wasn't easy, especially since they had to live in the same dorm for the rest of the schoolyear. After moving to a different dorm the next year with her 2 friends, she eventually decided to move in with Marcus in Simmeria.

The Zang Family:

The Zang Family:

The Zang Family:

The Zanobi Family:

The Zanobi Family:


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