Sunday, January 1, 2006

Aging, rounds and rotations

I think you all already know how I do these kind og things, but I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about to put in the sidebar.

** Note that most of that things said here aren't my own! I take a lot of idea's from other bloggers. My main inspirations are Carla from Sullivan Sims and Maisie from Millwood. **


Even though I play with aging off, and age up my sims manually, I've made my age stages default, to make it easier for my to keep all of my sims in sync.

Babies, age 0, 1 day
Toddlers, ages 1-3, 3 days
Children, ages 4-11, 8 days
Teens, ages 12-17, 6 days
YA, ages 18-21, 4 days
Adults, ages 18-59, 42 days (if a sim goes to college this is adjusted to 38 days)
Elders, ages, 60-...

Rounds and rotations

I play my game in rounds. Every round represents 2 years, so my sims age 2 years each round. Since I have so many families I'm able to play with months. I try to make sure every family is played in a different season every round.
Starting round 13, I play every household for one whole week, I know this might seem like a long period, but I just think it's easier this way. This way every family has a complete week and a weekend each round.

I keep track of my sims' birthmonth, and I make sure they age into toddlers in that month. However I don't do their other birthdays in their birthmonths, this is to make it easier for me. Instead I have a huge birthday-post every January, celeberating every one's birthday from the following year.

Feel free to ask question if you have any!


  1. Tanja, I love the idea of playing a family for a whole week, so you get the weekend in there. I have been playing households for about 2-3 days, unless they were going on vacation. I think I am going to adopt playing them with aging off, for a week, as well as start celebrating birthday posts for everyone but toddlers and children in one post; still not sure how I want to do that, though.

    Thanks for posting this!

  2. Shannon I've started out playing them 5 days, and then 2 or 3 days, after that I played them a random amount of days, just what I felt like playing. But it didn't seem fair, now I have an equal amount of time with each family, which normally includes a full workweek and a weekend.

    Thanks for reading!