Sunday, January 1, 2006

Aging in SimsVille

Since I don't have a note about aging anymore, I deleted it apparently, I though it was time to write a new one.
As usual I'm not going to take credit for everything you're about to read here, since I got inspired by Carla from Sullivan, you can read more about her system here.

I play in rouds, each round representing 2 years. This means my sims age 2 years every round. This however doesn't mean I play my sims for only 2 days every round. I play them for as long I feel I need to get a rather good story, this can be only 2 days, but it also can be 5 days.
I play with aging off, and manually adjust the ages in SimPe after 1 year is finished. I do this for every lifestage except the babies. Their age I set ingame with InSim.
Starting from round 10 I'm switchint to months instead of seasons. I have about 1 family every month for now. Birthdaypost will be every month for baby to toddler birthdays, and every january for all the rest.
I have been playing with the idea of letting my sims always age in the month they were born, but since I have been playing without month the past rounds, this means I would have to adjust birthdaymonths for every one of my sims, and I really don't feel like doing that, that's why I will be sticking to the winter-birthdays. (this may change one day)

My length of every lifestage I have adjusted, to make it little bit more real. Some other player use Inge Jone's Age Group Tweak, I've tryed it too, but somehow my game doens't seem to accept is, it never takes over the adjustments I made in it, so instead I keep manually adjusting everyting with SimsPe.
Here are the lengths I use in SimsVille:

The baby stage last 1 simday, this represents 1 year.

Toddlers have 3 days, this is to represent the ages from 1 to 3.

Children will have 8 days, this represents the ages 4 tot 11.

Teen will have 6 days to represent the ages from 12 t 17.

At 18 the sim will choose to go to university or start working. If they go to university they will become an adult at the age of 22.

The adult stage will last 42 days if a sims didn't go to university, this represents the ages from 18 to 60. If a sim goes to university this stage will last 38 days, representing the ages from 22 to 60.

The elder stage will last 3 days at the least or 30 the most. This means an elder can die the soonest when he/she is 63 and the lastest when he/she is 90. (I deside this with a dice-rolingprogram.)

This generally means that sims celebrate their birthdays when they turn 1, 4, 12, 18 and 60, when they don't go to university, or when they turn 1, 4, 12, 18, 22 and 60 when they do attend university.
This is a slight change from what I used to have, but this makes more sense to me.

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