Monday, December 1, 2014

The thing is ...

Well, the thing is that I think I owe you guys an explanation about my abcense the last couple of months.
I want to make sure that I'm not on a haitus, or anything like that! I really want to play, I want my sims to move on with their lifes, see their babies, see their kids grow up and start college and even their own lives. I feel inspired to play and build and work on my hood, and I really want to do all those things! And in the car and at work I planning on things to build, and how I want to play out a specific situation. So I'm pretty sure it's not a haitus.
I have been playing a little bit, a few hours almost every weekend, but somehow I don't get anything done! The game is loaded the entire weekend, and I only get to do anything with it a few minutes at a time, and it's kind of frustrating!

I have about 9 updates ready to be written, but with that I feel kind of uninspired. And even though I have notes about evey single playsession, I don't seem to be able to get an update out! And I really want to tell my sims' stories, because, and I really hope you don't mind me saying this myself, I think there are some pretty interesting ones among them!

So be asured that I'm still here, and not on any haitus of some sort, and that there will be update, soon I hope, but that I just can't make any promisses at the moment to when those updates will be out. I have some things planned to post, now I just need to write the posts!

I also want to appologise to everyone who has commented on my blog, but hasn't had a reply yet, and to those with the amazing blogs, where I haven't commented in months either! I'm pretty sure I've read about all of the updates though!


  1. Don't worry - I don't think any of us are here because we expect you to promise us clockwork-regular updates, but because we like your Sims stories! It is as you say - there are some pretty interesting ones among them :-)
    But our offline existence should always come first, and we all have such phases where other things take precedence.
    Blogging never should feel like a pressure, always a pleasure!

  2. I'm glad to know that you are doing well and okay, it's nice to have a check-in when someone has been missing for a bit. I totally understand though with not getting things done, or having the time to play. I'm glad that you aren't leaving or quitting, and will be happily waiting for an update when you have the desire to write one up! Totally understand the not writing part too, I just forced myself to write my pile of updates yesterday.

  3. Don't worry about any of that, Tanja! Just do what you have to do and fit in some simming time when you feel like it. It's supposed to be fun, not a job. :) We'll be here whenever you get an update out, no matter when that is.

  4. Ditto what Carla and Maisie and Librarian said -- so glad you are ok and although I look forward to your updates, I totally understand and would hate for you to feel pressured.