Monday, December 8, 2014

The Last Couple of Moths

I've already told you guys that, even though I haven't been here, that I still have been playing my game. So I thought I'd show you guys what I've been doing.

Lately I've been redecorating almost every house I visit. Wheater it's for playing the family, or it's for a quick visit almost all of them got a make-over!

The Gradonni-farm got a make-over after years! Business is going great, and I had been planning on doing this one for some time.

The Gerrits-house in Simmeria. I loved this house when I first build it, but I've been sick of it for some time now, I just didn't want the family to move, so I redid their house instaed.

And the Hillside Park got made over as well. It's called the Hillside Lion's Park now, because I places those Lion-statues at the entrance (you don't see them in the picture).

I've also redid the Indoor pool in SimsVille and renamed it 'Aquatic Waters', it's not finished, and I don't have a before picture. I also did Zanobi's, the restaurant ran by Sophie Zanobi, but again no pictures here.

I also plan on redoing my town hall, I've played it several times since I build it 2 years ago, and there are things that need to change!
I actually plan on redoing quite a lot of things! But seeing Mairi Wagtmas won the last elections, the beachsides get priority, and I don't have any idea what I want to do with those!

My major project at the moment is Simmeria, this is my downtonw, and it includes my univeristy as well.
 This is the map of my university, with a little bit of my downtown. The road at the botom of the map, leading away from it all is the road to SimsVille, which I magine is a 15 minute drive away.

First of all I did the Student Central. The admistration building of SVU. There also is a small doctor's office.

I've also added another dorm, Brick Hall. This brings the total of dorm at 3; Brick Hall, PlumbBob Hall and the rather exclusive Landgraab Hall. I got a little bit tired of PlumbBob Hall, and I couldn't split the current students to live in Landgraab Hall, so I decided to build a new one.
Next I'll be redoing PlumbBob Hall, and give it a new a fresh touch!

The Lama Club - a student hangout.

 Strikes 'R' Us - bowling alley.

Bar Le Coin - a club.

On the Roll - a roller rink.

A sports bar, it's supposed to be next to the sports cours, but I haven't done these yet.

One of the faculties I actually managed to finish - the faculty of consumer services, which specializes in cosmetology, cullinary arts, hair design, massage therapy, tourism and travel management (I've decorated the hallways with recolors of the BV-travel posters, all with a different destination).

This one is a work in progress: the faculty of technology. At the moment this one is only half finished, I keep adding things when I think of things I can add.

Café Petit - a coffe place at college, only half finished as well.

Student Central Square - right across the street from the student central administration building - another work in progress.

And the outdoor "coffeecart", which also isn't finished.

This is my downtown. I've moved things around again this past couple of months, and I might actually be happy with it, at least for now. The road leading out of the map on the road to the rest of the world. I haven't yet done anything on that road at all, but I will, some day!

I've been mostly focussing on my Bubble Sports Complex. It's on the 1st horizontal road at the botom.

The Yellow Bubble Apartments - At the moment there's one household living there, but I plan on moving in another one halfway this round.

Behind the Yellow Bubble Apartments, there's the Blue Bubble - Outdoor swimming. It's actually a remake of my old outdoor swimming, but I didn't keep anything, demolished everthing and started from scratch.

Next to the Blue Bubble, there's the Green Bubble - a cheap diner.

Next to that we have the outdoor sports courts - Bubble Ball Sports Courts.

And the Bubble Ball Hall - for indoor basketball.

Across the street there's Freezin' Bubble - an ice rink, mostly used by professionals.

And the Movin' Bubble is a dacen studio, for modern dance a ballet.

To finish it all off, there's another apartmentbuilding right next to the dance studio. I don't have a name for this one yet, and it's not finished either, but I do know who will be living here next round!

  • So this is what I've been working on the last couple of months. There are some more WIP's but they are not showable at the moment. And I do plan on doing so much more!
    Most of the shown WIP's are practically done, in most I just need to do the bathrooms :)
  • As said I will need to focus on my beachsides, as this was a promisse made by the new governor, Mairi Wagtmans, but as I said at the moment I have no idea as what to do with them.
  • At the moment I'm working on my faculty of film & literature, I felt inspired this weekend and so I started it. 
  • I'm sorry I had to put up this small pictures, but I think it would have been like putting up lot tours of all the lots if I would have posted all the pictures seperatly, so I hope you guys don't mind!


  1. Wow, wow, and wow once more!! I am so impressed. Your SimsVille was always great, but it looks even greater now. So much work and effort you've been putting in!
    For my beloved New Maximiliania, I have plans, too: first of all, I want to complete the current round by the 31.12.2014. For 2015, before I'll start on the next round, I plan a revamp of the entire hood. I want it to look and feel a lot more organized - the way I am in real life, actually :-)
    I am still going to stick to my "no CC" policy, and want to use all the Maxis-made lots and houses, but it should all look better in the end. I also finally want to include all the Maxis-made houses that are not in the catalogue from the start, but were built for and put into the original neighbourhoods. I can see myself being really busy next round!

  2. I wish I could do this to my neighborhood. As it is ... I barely have time to play. I also have to "sneak" in my playing time when hubby is not at home! This just makes me want to build and play my sims2! I might do that tonight!

  3. Wow, Tanja! This is amazing. Everything looks so great and I can't believe how much you've done. I'm especially jealous of your uni. Mine is so empty! You've made such great use of the neighbourhood deco too. I noticed it especially in the picture of Cafe Petite.

  4. These are totally great lots Tanja! I really am enamored with your SVU lots, top notch! Bubble Hall looks great on the exterior as well as interior of course, but I really like that academic/physical education quality to it! Consumer Services and Brick Hall are some more favorites, I really couldn't pinpoint just one favorite though, great things about them all!

  5. Hi Tanja, I've been keeping up with you on Tumblr too, but just wanted to add in my two cents that all your work to your Simsville and uni is just amazing! The student center square looks really good-- having a custom built uni is so nice, instead of the pre-made buildings and lots.