Sunday, June 8, 2014

Birthdays - October 2025

Ada van Straaten and Christopher Grey are getting married this month. Since they both don't have any family, they decided on a quiet ceremony with Ada's son, Lucas.

Another shot of Ada and Christopher, this time with Ada's son.
Maddie Rai just entered her second trimester, and everything it getting very real right now. Both her and Cole still can't believe it's their baby in Maddie's belly.

  • Ada and Christpher got married in the same church in Simmeria as where Kenneth and Lawrence Warner got married all those years ago. It made me realize I need to use that one a little bit more, because the scenery is very nice for the posed shots.
  • Anyway Ada and Christopher are married now, so the van Straaten family is now the Grey family. A name I like more than van Straaten, but I added Ada to the game before I changed townie's names, in the expectation that she would marry Jason. I'm glad it's gone now.
  • I have picked out a boy's name for Maddie and Cole's baby. Unfortunatly I already have a sim in my game with that name, but I really like it together with Rai. I had a girl's name as well, and I wrote it down, but I lost the piece of paper I wrote it on, and now I can't remember it anymore...


  1. Maybe you could use a nickname of the boys' name for Maddie's baby? If it's even a boy! It might be a girl and then the whole point will be moot. ;)

    Glad for Ava and Christopher - a lovely simple wedding!

  2. Ava and Christopher had a lovely wedding, and it does have a great background for posed shots especially the fountain. Maddie and Cole are darling, I love that pose. I hear ya on losing and forgetting baby names, I email them to myself if I'm not at home.

  3. Oh, I love that last picture of Maddie and Cole. Ada and Christopher looked beautiful for their wedding, congratulations to them.

  4. Carla I've come up with a different name for Maddie and Cole's baby, if it's a boy of course. For a girl I'm still lost, so I'm hoping to get a boy this time :)

    Ada and Christopher don't know that many sims, so they really couldn't invite a lot of them over. I really should make sure they got to know some more sims though.

    Thanks for reading!

    Maisie I think I've had only 1 other wedding here before, and that's Lawrence and Kenneth's, and that one was ages ago! But I'm going to plan another one here :)

    Thas pose is a sweet one, it would be easy to over-use it :)
    I think I threw the paper away, but mailing to myself is a great idea! I ussually come up with things at work, so mailing would be ideal! Thanks for the tip!

    Thanks for reading!

    Shannon I think it's a very sweet pose, and I have to be carefull not to over-use that on!
    I thinkt both Ada and Christopher look very good on their wedding day, I'm glad you're thinking the same thing :)

    Thanks for reading!