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Verbon - January 2025

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The Verbon Family
Olaf is 47, Morgana and Zenzi are 12, Anthony is 7
(Harriët Ooms is 37, Celeste Drayer is 35, David Mokara is 13 and Julie Warner is 5)
Narrated by Olaf

Morgana and Zenzi started high school this year, and they seem to really like it. They are constantly wispering and giggling, and it really is a joy to watch.
They are very differnt though. Morgana is very studious. She already knows she wants to go to college, and is working hard to get there already.
She loves learning new things, and is constantly with her nose in some book.
Zenzi on the other hand also knows she wants to go to college, but she's sure she'll get there without spending every free moment studying. She thinks her looks are more important and checks herself in every mirror she passes.
She thinks networking is as important as studying, and is on the phone quite lot.
She even brings home boys after school, which I don't like that much, she's almost 12, but I don't think she's ready to date yet.
And when you find Zenzi with her nose in a book, it's not a studybook but her diary.
Both of them are very helpfull around the house. They help with cooking...
 ... cleaning...
... and tending the garden.
And I know I can trust them to look after their little borther after school or when I'm working late.
Anthony is still taking pianolessons, and they are really paying off. He's becomming pretty good, and he loves playing it.
He's also doing rather well in school. Even though he sometimes struggles with his homework, he gets it done in time.
I understand that he needs some action sometimes, but I hate it when he jumps on the couch. I keep telling him not to do that, but for some reason he finds it very funny every time. I hope he grows out of it.
He's a pretty outoing kid as well, and brings home friends. Most of the time he brings home Julie Warner, who lives in the same street as us. She's a really nice girls, but she's 2 years younger than Anthony.
I don't mind it that much, but I kind of wish he brought home some one his own age.
I think it's important to have at least one meal together as a family, and I really make it a point to sit down with all 4 of us.
At the moment neither of the kids mind, but I dread the day they'd rather go out with friends instead of staying home with their dad.
Since they don't mind spending time with each other and me, at least not at the moment, I try to make to most of it. When I'm home during weekends I try to plan at least one familyouting.
Since there now is an ice rink in Simmeria, we mostly go ice skating.
And afterwards we all go to some restaurant nearby. It's nothing fancy, but we have a nice time together, and that's the most important thing.
A few months ago my sister Harriët told me that I really should start thinking about going out again. she had this friend, who she thought I would like.
I wasn't too sure about it, but I did agree to meet this friend of hers. I didn't make any promisses, but meeting some one new couldn't hurt.
I was very nervous, sitting at the bar by myself, waiting for Celeste to arrive. Even a drink couldn't calm my nerves. After all it's been 6 years since Mia died, and I haven't been on a date since I met her!
But there was no need to be nervous. Celeste is an amazing woman. I felt really comfortable around her, and we talked for hours.
It was like we've known each other for years.
We had a very nice time, and we even ended out date with the promisse to meet again.
After some dates I decided it was time for Morgana, Zenzi and Anthony to meet Celeste, so I took them all bowling. Anthony thought the game was much more fun then meeting Celeste.
But he did make some time to chat with her. I know he wasn't too happy about that, and that he couldn't wait to go back to his game.
Morgana and Zenzi took some more time to meet Celeste, and they all seemed to get along pretty well.
And Celeste was even invited to come back home with us for dinner. So I'm pretty sure they all like one another.

Just because I love this girls!

  • It's been 6 years since Mia died, so I think it was time for Olaf to start dating again. So when he rolled the ROS to meet some one new, I saw it as the perfect oppotunity. I don't think he's the kind of guy to date around though, so I kind of 'cheated' in letting him meet Celeste; I invited the gipsy woman, and 'kaching-ed' the family some money, to let him meet his perfect match, then I quit without saving and entered again, and teleported her to the lot I send him too. They have 3 bolts, and she really does get along with all 3 of the kids.
  • I know Celeste is another townie, but there really isn't any one else Olaf had high chemistry with. He gets along with Sophie Zanobi really well, but she has higher chemistry with Herman. And when Olaf rolled the ROS to meet some one new, I couldn't think of any one else for him to meet, so here's Celeste... She's 35 years old and has no kids. She also doesn't have any family, and I don't think I'll be giving her some.
  • Morgana and Zenzi's character aren't very different, but different enough for them to have different aspirations, which of course means different wants. Morgana had the want to study some skill all the time, while Zenzi was constantly checking herself out in the mirror. Zenzi really did bring David Mokara home from school and they hit it off quite well, but I think I'll let them wait a little bit longer to start dating, after all they are only 12 and 13 years old!
    I gave Morgana the trait 'bookworm' and Zenzi the trait 'flirty' based on their behaviour this round.


  1. Wow - when I looked at the pictures of those beautiful ladies, I thought they are in their early twenties - and you say they are 12 and 13?! They certainly look VERY grown-up to me, so it is hardly surprising they would like to start dating :-)

  2. Ha, as long as Anthony doesn't grow up with the Pleasure aspiration, he should grow out of that jumping on the couch thing!

    I'm glad to see Olaf getting out there again. Celeste seems like a lovely woman and it's a huge bonus that the kids seem to get along well with her. I think the kids are at such hard ages to introduce a new partner, so Olaf is doubly lucky to have found Celeste!

  3. Zenzi seems very outgoing, and a typical girl in the regard to checking her appearance, and bringing home a boy! And Morgana seems much less those things, with different priorities. I really like when twins have their own unique personalities, they are both really pretty. They both look way older than their age though! Anthony is a cutie too, and I love the couch jumping, and Olaf shouldn't worry about a 2 year age difference, especially if she lives on the same street.

    Glad that he is seeing someone, Celeste seems nice, and it would be nice for him to have a partner, and a Mom figure for the girls too.

  4. Maisie I like the different characters the girls have. The outgoing/charismatic Zenzi, and the more studious Morgana. I love how they look, but maybe I made them look a little bit too old for their age, but still such pretty girls :)

    I'm glad Olaf found Celeste, she's nice and gets along with the kids, I'm sure she'll make him happy. He's been grieving long enough.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Librarian Yeah I think I made them look a litte bit too old, but I like them a lot!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla Aaah yes, those pleasuresims and their silly wants! I should really have a look at Anthony's possible aspiration, I always like to know those things before I age them up.

    Olaf has been on his own for too long, but it seemed to fit him. Him and Celeste are pretty serious so it's a major plus she gets along with the kids!

    Thanks for reading!