Friday, February 7, 2014

Birthdays - March 2025

Mairi Wagtmans was getting pretty sick of the bedrest she's been put on. Husband, Harry, and sons, Camden and Collin, came by daily, but she just wanted to go home!

She went in labor sooner than her due date, but that was something everybody was expecting.
And so daughter Camille was born 2 weeks early. She was healthy but Dr. Carette still wanted to keep her in observation. And so Mairi Wagtmans found herself sleeping in the hospital longer than she anticipated.
But is was all for her little girl, so she could be there when she opened her eyes, and feed her when she was hungry.
It wasn't long after that she was able to bring Camille home with her, and put her to sleep in her own crib.

  • So it's a girl! I'm pretty pleased with that :)
  • Camille has light blue eyes and blond hair, which is another thing I'm pleased with! I have way too many black haired sims, and now I have a blond haired girl!!
  • Camille is officially born 2 weeks early, after having to stay in bed for about 2 months, Mairi was pretty happy to finally give birth. Even though she was healthy when she was born, I figured it would have been real that Dr. Carette would have kept her for a couple of days. But now she's home with her family.


  1. Aw, I'm really glad they had a girl and I'm extra glad for some more interesting genetics in your hood. It's nice to finally see the recessive genes coming out to play. :D

  2. Carla I like black haired sims, but I'm thrilled every time I get a sim with a different haircolor. I would have lover for Camille to have red hair, but blond is nice as well :)

    I'm pretty glad they had a girl as well! Especially with the blond hair!

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Aw a little girl! Excited they had a little blond daughter, I hear ya on the black haired sims, it's almost all I have. I am excited for this next generation in my hood when all these black haired sims can marry someone else (not a black haired townie for pity sake!) and get some variety. Glad that everything turned out okay with Camille being born early, excited to see her when she has her first birthday.

  4. Camille looks so cute! I can't wait to see her grow up!
    If you dont mind me asking, How did you get Mairi to give birth laying down?

  5. Maisie It's getting a little bit crazy with all the blackhairedsims in SimsVille! I like it, but it's a bit much at the moment... And all the tonwnies my sims meet, of the babies they adopt are almost always blackhaired ones as well! So I'm really happy with any other haircolor I get :)
    I'm looking forward to Camille's 1st birthday as well, but I don't think that's a surprise :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Ashaland Sims I'm always excited for my babies/toddlers/chilren/teens to grow up, and Camille is no exception, I'm wondering if she'll look anything like her brothers, despite her haircolor.

    I use shiftable OMSP's for my deliveries. I use one to turn her 90° backwards, and anohter one to put her on the bed, and so it looks like she's actually giving birth laying down.

    Thanks for reading!

    1. Good idea! That's awesome and so much more realistic! Thank you :)