Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Landgraab Estate - DimSimTown

For the N99 April Forum Project, we could ask for residential lots for our sims, and if you liked them you could place those lot in your hood - I've got a lot of new lots since that project!
At that moment I had my Landgraab family sitting in my family bin for quite some time, and I took the opportunity and let the house hunt on N99.

Let me first give you some information on the family:
Max Landgraab comes from a wealthy family. He's an only child, and always got what he wanted. When he was 33 he met Hélène Nova, and 2 years later they got married. At that time she was only 27. Another 2 years later they welcomed their son, Malcolm, in their family.
Max is the head of Landgraab Architects, located in downtown Simmeria, and the firm is doing great, they get hired for different kind of buildings, and every one seems very happy with their work.
Hélène is a fashio designer and the owner of different H&M stores all around SimsVille and Simmeria. She named her shops after her and Max (Hélène & Max). The stores are doing great as well and she's looking in to opening another one in DimSimTown.
Since their son turned 12, they moved to DimSimTown - suburb of SimsVille, to live closer to their jobs.
(Max is now 50, Hélène is 42 and Malcolm is 13)
And here is where I come with the house hunting, I was really uninspired to build one myself, and I wanted something I would never come up with, so I posted at N99.
These were their specs:
  • Modern looking home
  • At least 3 bedrooms, I don't exclude them expanding their family
  • An office for Max
  • A studio for Hélène
  • They want a garden
  • Suburban area

Dee came with this amazing house (which you can see here) and I moved the family in. I expanded the lot a little with with the lot expander, and changed some minor things inside, and here is the result!

The front of the house - I still need to put in some more trees and bushes, but that's about the only thing I still have to do.
Top down view of the ground floor - there's an open living-dining-study-kitchen area, a small bathroom, and Hélène's studio. I used Dee's lay out, because I loved it so much.
The entrance
Max' desk - I love those small ikea cabinets this way
The bathroom - I'm not too happy with it but it's ok
Dining area
And the kitchen
The garden next to the kitchen, with some orangetrees, and a plot the grow fresh vegetables. Malcolm's oth is cuisine, and I figured he's very much into using fresh vegetables.
The door on the side leads to Hélène's studio.
 And here we have Hélène's studio
From the garden on the side you can go to the main garden at the back of the building. There isn't much grass, none to be exact, but I do kind of like it.
Small area when you come outside from the livingroom
Hot tub
A small lounge-area with a view on the pool
And the pool - I'm guessing Malcolm is going to love to give parties here!
On to the first floor, where we only have Malcolm's bedroom and his bathroom. Dee originally made this the master bedroom, but you'll see in a minute what I've done with that one.
Malcolm's bedroom - his favourite color is black
And his bathroom
And last but not least the second floor, with the master bedroom and their ensuite bathroom. Originally this floor had 2 smaller bedrooms and 1 small bathroom, but I like it a lot like this.
The master bedroom - Hélène's favourite color is purple, and Max' is brown
The the master bathroom.

  • I really had fun decorating this house, since I had acces to a lot of money! Max is the heir of a nice fortune, and they both make really good money in their jobs, so I set no limit to the money available for decorating.
  • I feel kind of sad that this household is one of my playable NPC's, since I love the house so much, but I have more than enough families as it is, so they will continue being playable NPC's.
  • I know I said I didn't exclude any family additions, but with taking away the 3rd bedroom I kind of did. When I was decorating this house, I figured they were kind of done with kids. Malcolm is 13 now, and neither of them are family sims, they are very busy with their careers, why add another kid in this?
  • I really hope I kept it modern enough, since it was one of my specs!


  1. Love the ground floor and the bedrooms!
    The "garden" (if you can call it that without any grass) is a bit too sterile for my taste, but it fits in with the overall look of the house :-)

    1. I like the interior of the house much more then I like the garden, but it's like you said, it fits the house, though I could do a lot better, so I might change it when I play the family later this round.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Dee's such a great builder - you should link her to this tour! I bet she'd love to see it (if you haven't posted it at N99 already, of course)

    Anyway, decorating with lots of money is always fun, isn't it? The house definitely looks very modern to me, inside and out. The pool area is amazing but I also love the master bedroom (purple!) and Max's desk area. So perfect!

    1. I love all of the buildings she's shown, and I was so happy she gave this one for the Landgraab Family. I did plan on posting a tour on N99 and seeing I'm late with replying it's already up :)

      I love decorating with a lot of money, but I do love the challange of decorating with less money as well.
      I'm glad you like the house, the garden is my least favourite part, but I do like it as well. The master bedroom is one of my favourites as well!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. That main floor bathroom just needs a hand towel and it'll be on its way to feeling more complete. Toilet paper roll too if you have one.

    Otherwise I love this! Totally awesome! My favorite is the studio and the living room. I really like the Ikeas shelves side by side. I usually use one against the back of sofas.

    This house is very elite and tasteful, which really fits this successful family.

    1. Ah maybe that's it! Something small to make the bathroom complete! Thanks for the tip, I'll try it out.
      I hardly ever use those ikea shelves, but I though they fitted here. I could try using them at the back of sofa's as well!

      Thanks for the compliment on the house, I'm glad you like it.

      Thanks for reading!