Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthdays - July 2021

Elisa de Leeuw likes to spend time in the new nurerey, and she can't wait to come home and put her baby in the new crib. Harald feels the same, and is also anxious to meet his child, so he often joins his wife.

It would be nice to talk to an actual baby instead of talking to Elisa's belly.
Only 3 more months for baby de Leeuw to enter the world.
Tessa Zang is already 1 year old, and she really is a cutie.
She looks a lot like her older sister, Nora, and just like Nora I think she looks the most like her dad.

  • I finally picked the names for Elisa and Harald's baby, and I'm not even sure about the name for a boy yet! This is rather late for me, normally I have names planned even before they get pregnant.
  • Only a few more sim-months before baby de Leeuw to arrive, I'm pretty anxious to find out what they will be having :)
  • I really do think Tessa is adorable! As I said I think she looks the most like Nora, but she's still different, I think she's even prettier than Nora :)


  1. LOL, you're worse than me with names! I pick them out the second they get pregnant. ;) I join Elisa and Harald in their impatience to meet their baby!

    Tessa is too, too cute! I love her little giraffe print tights too.

    1. One time I have post-its all around my deks with couples on it and possible names for their offspring :) I eventually got rid of those since people kept asking what it was :)
      I'm pretty impatient to see Elisa and Harald's baby. I'm anxious to see who their children will look like!

      I really adore Tessa, it makes her sisters don't look as cute as I though they were :)
      I love that outfit, I have to make sure not to dress every girl in it :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Aww, can't wait for the baby to arrive as well, the nursery is darling.

    1. I'm so anxious as well! And it still seems so long for their baby to come :)
      I like the nursery as well. I actually really like decorating these days :)

      Thanks for reading!