Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still not a real update ... but it might be worth reading anyway :)

**WARNING: might be long and full of pics**

I'm still not ready to post some real updates, but I can share some good news with you; I was able to fix my hood!! I'm so happy with this, since I really didn't want to rebuild, and it was taking so much time.

For the next update I still need to finish building some lots, and I don't have any pictures yet, and since I won't be having any time this weekend, I'm afraid the update won't be up untill late next week.

In the mean time I have some picture I can share with you all.
I've been working on my university (SimsVille University - SVU) a lot. There are over 4 or even 5 new lot, and I still have a lot of work to do.
The new lost are: SVU library, SVU Faculty of Science, Landgraab Hall, SVU Faculty of Preforming Arts.
I'm also in the proces of building some more, like a dance studio, a music hall, student central, ....

I have pictures of some of the buildings, some lot tours and I even a lot you can download.
So let's start!
I wish I could show you a hood view, but Simmeria is, yet again, undergoing a transformation, and I don't have any good pitcures yet.

This is the Faculty of Preforming Arts. (I'm sorry of I use 'preforming wrong - please correct me if I'm!)
I have to say I like the look of this building a lot! The inside is focused on painting, fashion design and crafting pots.
I don't have any pictures of the inside yet, since I'm still not completely finished.

Next we have SVU Library.
A rather modern looking building next to the faculty of preforming art. This pictures was taken when it wasn't completely finished yet, I of course added a lot of green :)

On we go to the Faculty of Science. This time I have full tour for you!
Again a rather modern looking building. I really have no idea what the letter are saying, I just wanted to use them at least once!
Top down views of both floors.
Hallway at the entrance, with a nice view of the closed garden, and thanks to the large window you can see some parts of the rest of the building.
Hallway that leads to the back of the building. Behind the wall in the back is the staiscase. The doors on the left are leading to the lecture hall.
The lecture hall.
The research lab, next to the lecture hall.
The closed garden.
I've included a study-area.
The doors on the right in the back lead to a garden room.
The garden room.
Another view of the study area, this time from the other side.
The upstairs hallway.
The astronomy room.
I don't know how to call this room, but I think the pictures say enough :)
Another picture of the upstairs hallwaay, this time with a nice view of the building.
Another room I don't know how to call :)

And last but not least I have Landgraab Hall to show you. In my game the Landgraabs are a wealthy family, Max is owner of Landgraab Architects, where Mairi Wagtmans and Abby Gradonni work, and his wife Helène is a fashion designer who owns several small H&M's (Helène and Max), in SimsVille, Simmeria and DimSimTown, she also has a fashion studio where Mariëtte Alenis works. They have one son, and I figure they would want him to go the best dorm they could get him. And which dorm is better than the one you design yourself?
Front view and top down views of the building. Only 4 bedrooms here, but they are faily large.
The garden isn't too big, but it has anything a rich kid can ask for, hot tub and swimming pool.
Dining area.
Green room.
Donwstair restrooms.
Common room.
 Upstairs hallway (I just love this view!)

First 2 bedrooms.
 Boy's bathroom.
Girls' bathroom.
Last 2 bedrooms.
Some extra shots of the garden.

I hope you all enjoyed the tours.
As promissed, I have 1 donwload for you:


  1. I can't even tell you how happy I am that you managed to fix your hood! Rebuilding (again!) would have been such a pain.

    Your university is looking amazing. The performing arts building has such a beautiful exterior. I can't wait to see the inside.

    I think that was the dorm you posted on N99, right? Once again, it looks wonderful. I'm loving your science building as well and am rather jealous of your non-gigantic hallways (mine are way too big, lol). The lecture theatre looks awesome with that half wall as well.

  2. *claps hands* it looks so pretty and shiny and perfect!

  3. Wonderful lots! They all look so realistic. Great work!

  4. So happy that you got it working again. It woulda been a shame to lose all your deco and rebuilding. Your university looks great, my favorite is the Performing Arts building. Can't wait to see the interior!

  5. You've done great so far with your hood! I'm glad it's working again.