Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthdays - January 2018

 At the beginning of this new year, Olaf and Mia Verbon welcome their youngest child to their family. Anthony Verbon has brown hair and brown eyes. His dad is very proud with his son.

Joshua Mishoen celebrates his 1st birthday. He almost looks as cute as his older brother at that age.
Lucas Draper on the other hand is already 4 years old, and will be starting school this year.
Joining him in kindergarten is Ross Zang, who is also turning 4 this winter.
Peter Spits will also be attending SimsVille Up Hill Elementary this year, wich brings the total to 16 students!
Tina Mishoen's boyfriend, Niels Bleek, will be attending SVU the next few years. He choose Political Science as his marjor, in the hope this will give him an advantage in his further journalism career.
Kenneth Warner is done with school. He graduated as one of the best of his class and he hopes his degree will find him a job soon. He will be living with one of his best friends this year, Elisa de Leeuw.

  • I know it's a little bit later then I had originally planned, but due to computerproblems, and not being able to play sims for more then a week I had to pospone the update a little bit. Everything is fine now though, so updates will be back every monday and occasionally on thuesday.
  • I'm 100% sure I took a lot of pictures of Mia at the hospital with Olaf by her side, and of them comming home with little Anthony, but for some strange reason they are missing. So I went back and took this one picture of them.
  • I think it's going to be hard to be cuter then Lewis Mishoen, but Joshua comes pretty close, well they are bothers and it shows!
  • 16 students at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary next year! That's the reason I needed an extra teacher, because it's just too much for Marie alone!
  • Something small extra: when aging up Joshua Mishoen, I let Tika and Xiang try for another baby, and they were succesfull, they will be welcomming their 3rd child (I'm hoping for a girl) in September 2018!


  1. I'm glad you've got your game up and running again! Yay!

    Welcome Anthony and happy birthday to everyone else! Is that new hair for Mia or am I unobservant? Anyway, it suits her!

    Joshua is totally my favourite here! He's so adorable.

  2. Joshua is uber adorable, and yay for more babies! He does look a lot like his big brother, which isn't a bad thing, since he's so cute too!

    I've had pictures disappear before too, not for a long time but it's definitely a bummer when it happens.

    Anthony looks like he might have a good mix of his parents, of course you can't tell much, but the skin color/hair color are from each. Looking forward to seeing how he looks when he's a toddler.