Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mishoen 1 - Round 2

The Mishoen Family - Forest Lane 1 - Day 6-10
Gruns Mishoen - Elder - 69years old - Fortune - Earn §100.000
Lin-Mei Mishoen - Elder - 65 years old - Knowledge - Max out 7 skills
Fen Mishoen - Adult - 28 years old - Romance - Woohoo 20 sims
Nio Mishoen - Baby - 0 years old

Lin-Mei: Nio is a dream of a baby. It's just a shame that Fen doesn't look at him. We never heard from Gunnar again, and Fen is furious about that, she even wants him to pay child support, but he doesn't return any of her calls.
Gruns can't complain about Fen, she helps him really good in the gym, and goes there with him every day. I, on the other hand, am stuck at home with a little baby. I don't mind taking care of Nio, like I said he's a dream of a baby, but when my kids turned teens, I though I was over all the kids-stuff.
Fen likes to spend all of her free time on the community lots, meeting new man. Every day, after all the hours she spend in the gym, she takes a cab somewhere and stays out untill very late!
She even missed Nio's first birthday. He looks like Fen, off course.
Before we knew it, one of Fens boyfriends moved in. He wants about the same things in life as Fen, so I hope he can really make her happy. I also hope he has a good influenace on Fen, because he spends more time with Nio, and I really want her to do so too.
I was surprised and happy to see Fen at Nio's 4th birthday. I think it will be a good memory for Nio too, to see his mother there!


  1. Oh Fens! I will say that characters like her are very interesting. How will her son turn out if his mother keeps neglecting him like this?

  2. I hope Fen showing up to Nio's birthday party is a sign of things to come.