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de Leeuw - Lillig - November 2025

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The de Leeuw-Lillig Family
Larissa is 67 and Berend is 65
(Cole Rai is 34,Elisa de Leeuw is 30, Brent de Leeuw is 4 and Ellen de Leeuw is 7 months)
Narrated by Larissa

This fall break we took Brent to the Ardens with us. I know Elisa had time off from work as well, after all, she's a teacher, but she still didn't mind it too much.
Brent is a lovely kid to have around. He's kind of shy, but not when he's around family, then he loves talking and telling stories.
The days always seem so much more cheerfull when Brent is around and is chatting our ears off.
I love seeing Berend with Brent. I'm sure he can't wait for Maddie's baby to be old enough to take with us as well.
Previously when he came to the Ardens, he was too young to actaully do anything, so we wanted to get the best out of this vacation.
He's still a kid though, and he kept begging to go to the playground, and as spoiling grandparents we were more than happy to oblige.
He also kept asking us if he could try the aksthrowing, but neither of us thought it was a good idea. We had to promise him though to come back here when he was old enough.
Most evenings were spend at the cottage, playing games. Brent is only 4 but he's pretty good at don't wake the Lama.
After the game, it was time for a story, and then bed.
One night we decided to go back down to the forest play ground, for a late night campfire. Brent absolutely loved it!
Back home, it was back to the old routine. In a few years I can retire, but I want to get another promotion before that day.
I'm working really hard for it, and spend almost every free moment I have on it.
Berend isn't that amitious anymore. He's happy where he is in his career at the moment, and he tries to learn some new recipes, but he's counting down the days untill he can retire.
Where I'm not sure I want to retire when I turn 70, Berend would love it if he could retire now, and spend some more time at home with our dog, or with me at our Cottage at the Ardens.
Berend has to work weekends, and I think that has something to do with his desire to retire soon, especially now that his first grandchild is on the way. Elisa comes by almost every weekend with the kids.
I'm so happy she and Harald haven't ruled out a 3rd one! I'm enjoying being a grandmother so much, I sometimes wonder why I didn't have more than 1 child myself, since I've always wanted 3.
Brent loves our dog! And I know he has been asking his parents for one. Elisa and Harald aren't on board yet. They want to focus on their children at the moment, but haven't ruled it out completly.
I love my saturday-afternoons with my daughter, and having my grandkids in the house. Those days make me get why Berend is counting down to his retirement, I'm sure he wants these things as well.
On his night off Berend usually goes to play pool with Cole. I'm glad he has Cole for these kind of things, because I don't like it that much.
I kind of doubt Cole will continue those nights out once the baby is here, but I'm sure they'll figure something out.
We do go out just the 2 of us of course. There are so many nice restaurants in Simmeria, and Berend like the know the competition.
I would love to go out and have diner without him criticize everything, but I've learned to live with that.
When the weahter is good, we take Lulu out for a long walk. There's a nice dog park in Simmeria, but it's not that close.
But Lulu seems to like it there, and neither of us mind a long walk. On top of that, it's a nice place to sit down, talk, and enjoy the evening, even though the weather is getting colder.

  • I don't think I have been clear about Larissa and Berend's livingsituation. I originally planned for them to move to the Ardens, but I came back from the idea.
    So now the rent a small house in Simmeria, and spend almost all of their free time in their cottage in the Ardens. Sometimes their kids visit, sometimes they take one of their grandchildren with them, but they're mainly living in Simmeria.
  • Larissa really wants another promotion, and I do hope she gets one. She's a fortune sim, and I can see her working longer than the age of 70.
    Berend on the other hand seems to really be counting down untill his retirement.


  1. I was wondering about Berend and Larissa's situation, so I'm glad you explained. Sounds like a pretty nice set-up.

    I'm glad they had a nice little break with Brent! He must have felt kind of grown up, going on holiday without his parents..even if he was with his grandparents instead!

    I LOLed at Berend criticising the food at other restaurants! My friend's husband is a former chef and it's his wife who criticises the food - he actually gets really embarrassed about it!

  2. True, it must have been fun for Brent having all his grandparents' attention! I love the picture of his grandma reading to him at bedtime, and when my families go on vacation, they play a lot of Don't Wake the Llama, especially in the mountains.

    Berend does seem like he can almost taste retirement...

  3. Carla You asked me about it some time ago, so I decided to give some more information about them, I'm glad it's clear now.

    I do think Brent felt kind of grown up, going to the ardens with his grandparents. I also think he thought it was nice not having to share his grandparent's attention.

    I've heard about chefs critising food in other restaurants, but never about chef's partners doing the same :)

    Thanks for reading!

    Shannon I think with the addition of his baby-sister, Brent would have loved all the attention going to him now.
    I have to admit that picture of Larisa reading to Brent was set up like that, but it's a sweet one.
    I hardly ever have my sims play any of those games, but I think I'll be doing it more, now that I tried it once.

    Berend really isn't that motivated, never was actually, she rolled another want to get promoted, and he's just hangs around the house, I love those differences :)

    Thanks for reading!