Friday, July 11, 2014

Birthdays - November 2025

So far Laura is having a pretty 'easy' pregnancy. She hasn't been sick at all, and she can still do anything she wants.

Dennis is loving it that she finally starts to show. This way it's starting to feel a little bit more real for him as well, now that he can put his hand on her belly.
Ada Grey is counting down now. They're married, they finished the nurserey. In short they are ready for their baby to come into the world.

  • I love Laura's little bump! She looks great pregnant. I can't wait to meet their little baby. I'm pretty sure he/she is going to have black hair (which I already have enought in my hood), but I'm sure he/she will be cute.
  • At the moment I have no real preference for Laura and Dennis. I can see them with either :)
  • I'm still more leaning towards a girl for Ada and Christopher. The more I think about it the more I see them as parents of a little girl.


  1. Oh, babies are coming soon! Dennis and Laura are so cute together, I'm sure too their baby will be adorable! I love those pregnancy interactions, and I'm glad Laura's had a good pregnancy.

    Ada's nursery looks great, and I hope everything turns out happy for her and Christopher!

  2. Whee, two babies on the way! I'm sure both couples will be awesome parents, whether they have boys or girls. :D

  3. Shannon I'm always happy when I get to bump my pregnant sims, so I get that interaction, it's one of my favourites!

    Ada and Christoper are ready for their little one to arrive!

    Thanks for reading!

    Carla I know! Exciting, isn't it? :)
    I'm sure they both will do great!

    Thanks for reading!