Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zang - July 2022

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The Zang Family
Wang is 62, Chao is 59, Bai is 30, Anna is 23, Bethany is 6, Alex is 3 and Carl is 2
(Chu Min is 51, Johanna Penninkmeijer is 24)
Narrated by Anna

I know most people wait to go on their honeymoon untill after the wedding, but Bai's parents treated us with a trip to Twikii Island, to let us relax a little bit before the wedding.
Besided we didn't plan on going on a honeymoon after the wedding. It's not possible since by then the summerholiday will be over, and kids will be in need of new schoolbooks, it would be crazy to close the shop then.
The hotel was amazing! We had everything we needed right there! There was no need for us to leave the hotel because everything was just there.
It was a vacation filled with relaxing and fun, what more can a person ask for when they are on vacation?
It seemed like the ideal time to bring up the topic I've been thinking about a lot lately; having another baby. I really want another one, but I know Bai is a little bit reluctant about it, after all he already has 3 children. He promised me to think about it.
Only a few days later he told me he agreed on a third child, and that we could start trying.
Back home we didn't have to wait long to know if we were succesfull. I've been pregnant 2 times before so I know the symptoms.
We did however made an appointment with Dr. Lamberts, to confirm my thoughts, and she gave us the new that we would be adding to our family next April.
I've been smiling ever since she told us the news. I'm so happy to have another baby. We decided to wait with telling the family untill after the wedding.
Of course there was one person I had to tell; Jo. She was a bit surprised, she didn't think we would try before the wedding, but she used to the idea now and can't wait for our children to play together.
I meet with Jo quite a lot these days. She's my best friend and she's helping me plan the wedding, which is making some good progress.
I'm pretty nervous about the big day, but at the same time I'm really looking forward to it.
At the Book Corner everything is fine as well. I did some changes after Samantha left, and I really love walking around there.
Of course there's work to do as well. I love helping people find the book they're looking for, or recommend them a book that they might like, especially when they come back to tell me how much they loved it.
I could use some help though. I'm not exactly amazing when it comes to handling the cash regsiter, and it's something I really don't like doing at all, but it's something the has to be done.
Sometimes mom drops by, pretending to look for a nice book for Carl or Alex. I don't mind, I love it when she drops by.
She ussually wait for my at the coffee shop across the street so we can have a coffee together. I know she would love to see the boys more, but I do love those moments alone with my mom.
I would love for this new baby to be a girl. I'm really happy with my 2 boys, and I absolutely adore them, but when I see Bai with Bethany, I can't help but wishing I had a girl as well.
Bethany is a great kid. She's home whole days now, now that it's summer break, and she spends most of her time with Alex and Carl. I hope my boys will do just the same with the new baby.
I understand that it's now always fun, having to spend your days alone or with 2 toddlers, so we try to take her our as well.
We live just around the corner from the outdoor pool, and she really loves going there. She loves the waterslide and playing Marco Polo.
 She has a great playmate in Wang. Sometimes I think he still is a little child inside.
But then again, I think we all are. Because it's so hot this summer we've gotten this new watertoy for the garden. Bethany plays with it all day long when Wang doesn't take her swimming.
The girl is used to playing on her own, but at our place she rarely has to. Everybody loves the watertoy, and there's always someone playing with it with Bethany.
Rambo has been with us for quite some time now, and he has adjusted well to the new additions. He's not too fond of the littlest ones, but he undergoes their love.
He loves playing fetch, and I don't think he really care who throws the stick as long as someone does.
He really is Wang's dog though, and loves Wang's attention the most.

The Book Corner - top down view of the ground floor - which basically is the store.
The Book Corner - top down view of the 1st floor - which is a storage-area and Anna's office, where there's also place for Alex and Carl to play when they have to go to work with their mom.

  • I know, I know, I already have so many sims, but Anna has had the want locked like forever! And on vacation they brought up the topic themselfs. I've thought about having them wait untill after the wedding, but to be honest I couldn't wait any longer myself, so I allowed unmarried TFB.
    Anna and Bai's 3rd baby is due in April 2023, and I think it's needless to say that I hope they have a girl.
  • I can also announce the the Forman family, one of my playable NPC families will also be adding to their family next April.
  • I know some sims didn't make much of an appearance in this update, like Chao and Wang, but they were there, they just didn't do that much fascinating things.
  • Next round when I play this family, both Alex and Carl will be children, and to be honest I really can't wait! For some reason it seems like the boys have been toddlers forever!


  1. Wow, honeymoon and children before the doing, they certainly march to the beat of their own drummer.

    1. They were never to couple to do things in the 'right' order, so why wait with everything? :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love, love, love the Book Corner! It looks amazing.

    Very practical of Anna and Bai to have their honeymoon before the wedding! Whenever you can fit it in, right? They've been busy with their kids all these years, so they needed a break anyway.

    I'm hoping Anna has a girl this time too. It'd be nice for Bethany as well, to have a sister after two brothers.

    1. Thanks you! It's a remake of a lot I found one MTS, but to be honest I completely demolished the interior and redid it :)

      I was thinking the same about the honeymoon before the actual wedding, so I just leth them go :)

      It would be very nice for both Anna and Bethany if Anna had a girl, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

      Thanks for reading and commenting

  3. The shop is lovely, and so is the house in the first picture!
    Nice idea to send them on holiday before the wedding.

  4. Thank you! The shop is mine, the house is build by Carla, and I love it, I'd wish I could place more in my hood!
    (you can get it here:

    Thanks for reading and commenting!