Sunday, June 17, 2012

Birthdays - August 2022

No real update today, but the announcement that Stephanie and Nicholas, the Penninkmeijer's youngest twins, were cleared to go home. Dirk would have loved a little bit more boys, but he's sure he'll be able the handle his 3 daughters.

With Steph and Nick at home it's back to taking shifts for who will be getting up in the middle of the night to care for them.
But seeing their little faces, and being able to confort them just by holding them is all worth those sleepless nights.
When both kids wake up at the same time, Dirk and Catherine ussually get up both, and sometimes they even take some time to sit down and talk.
There of course isn't any time to sleep in, because at 6AM, Meg and Beth wake up and need attention as well. In a few years they'll be done with all of that, and all 4 of their children will be in school.

  • Finally an update! I know it's been some time, and the worst part is that it's all my own fault! I'm ahead with playing so the only thing I had to do was write the update, and even that I couldn't bring myself to do! I'm going to try to never let this happen again!
  • I don't know who's counting down more for these 4 children to all go to school; me or their parents! I've already played the house for 1 day, and I barely made it without going crazy!
  • Antoher reason I want the kids to go to school, is that I want to see them grow up :)


  1. I so know the feeling of being desperate to age the kids up and get them off to school, lol! Babies and toddlers are hard work!

    Still, Dirk and Catherine must be so thrilled to finally have their whole family home with them. :)

    1. I'm always so excited to get the babies born, find out out if it's a boy or a girl, but it's always the most fun to see them grow up. And in this case see them off to school, since next round they'll be having 4 toddlers in the house!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!