Friday, January 20, 2012

Belio - Penninkmeijer Wedding

Penninkmeijer Residence - SimsVille Up Hill
Jack Penninkmeijer is 26 and Johanna Belio is 23
Narrated by Johanna

Jack and I decided to go the traditional way, and we each stayed with out parents the night before the wedding.
It was kind of nice to be home again. Mom and I never got along that great when I still lived at home, and of course I ruined it all by getting a tattoo when I was 16, but we get along much better now that I'm not living at home any more.
I felt really great when dad hugged me and told how proud he and mom were, despite everything that had happend in the past.
My original plan was to get some sleep, wake up and get myself ready, but I was too nervous, and couldn't get to sleep, instead I was up almost the entire night, and started cleaning the kitchen.
I was really happy when it was finally time to get myself ready. I started early so I could spend hours on getting myself ready.
I got even more nervous when we arrived at Jack's parent's house, and I saw all the guest finding their seats.
I wasn't nervous anymore when I stood in front of Jack to say our vows.
It's not that I don't like attention, but I was relieved when it was over.
We didn't want a huge party, just a nice get together with our families, so we decided on only serving cake.
Jack's dad insisted on giving a speech, but that was about all we did.
Because we just had a small party we could spend a little bit more on out honeymoon. We went to Twikii Island, where we rented a bungalow for a couple of days.
To continue in traditions Jack carried me inside.
We didn't do much on our honeymoon. Most of the time we stayed at the beach near our bungalow, and enjoyed all the facilities there.
We didn't have to go to the beach to have nice ocean-view though. Our bungalow was right on the beach, and our balcony had amazing oceanview.
It's not that we did nothing. Jack informed about the excursion available, and was really excited about the helicopterflight.
 We also visted some other accomodations, and enjoyed all the facilities the island had to offer.
We even tried out the sauna, which was kind of crazy since it was already so hot there, and we felt kind of stupid sitting in an even warmer room!
I loved the fact that we didn't have to cook at all. I'm not a great cook, but I do love good food, so it was nice being able to order roomservice or go to the nearby hotel.
The nights were spend like every newlywed couple would.
As were the mornings.

Margareth and Elisabeth are 4 months old, and really don't enjoy their bouncing chairs, like almost every other baby in SimsVille.

And now it's time for the posed pictures:
Jack and Jo...
 with his parents... Bianca and Frederik
 with her parents... Bram and Ling
 with his brothers and sisters... GabriĆ«lle, Laura, Catherine, Lawrence and Morgan
 with her brothers ... Steven and Stephan
with her bridesmaid ... Anna and his groomsman ... Lawrence.

  • I'm aware that the update isn't great, both the pictures and the text aren't great, but bare with me, I was sick when I played this wedding, and I'm still not great writing it.
  • I originally planned on a large wedding, with a lot of family. I wanted Ling's brother and sister to be their as well with their children, and their children's partners. But when I summoned every one to the lot, and wanted to change them all in their formalwear the game crashed, and I didn't want to go through the summoning all over again. So instead of the large wedding I have in mind, it was just a small one, but still a nice one :)
  • The bungalow Jack and Jo are staying in is part of the N99 Forum Project. I don't know if anybody remembers the original ones, but I think this ones look a lot better :)
  • No pregnancy here :) I made sure to keep them both on birth control this time :) I can't wait to see a baby from these 2 but they don't seem like the couple to rush into these kind of things, they also waited 2 years to get married. After all neither of them has rolled the want to have baby.


  1. The wedding looks great and the honeymoon pictures are so swanky, I want to go!

    1. I have the same feeling everytime I see my sims on Twikii Island :) It always seems so nice and warm :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Gorgeous! How lucky that Jack's parents have such a gorgeous garden to hold a wedding in. I also have to say that that's the perfect wedding dress to show off Jo's tattoo as well.

    I don't see these two rushing into parenthood either (though I did see your post on Twitter last night ;)) but I look forward to seeing their children once they do finally take that step!

    1. Jack's parents might have to host some more weddings in the future since this one was so great :) There are still 4 unmarried kids, lol.
      I first picked out another dress for Jo, but there was something wrong with it, when she was wearing it there were always pieces missing, so I choose another one :) I figured Jo would love to show off her tattoo :)

      We never know what will happen with sims and ACR. If Jack also rolls the want I'll take them off birth control.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I loved her dress, it was gorgeous! And yea, Twikki Island does look like it would be tons of fun! They're still pretty young, babies will come in time :)

    1. I originally planned for Jo to wear another dress, but it kept showing up with holes in it. I do like this one as well :)

      Jo eventually rolled the want for a baby, I discovered this when I was playing Anna and her family, so we'll see what will happen :)

  4. Don't apologize for this update, everything looks great! Really nice wedding, and I like the posed pictures at the end.

    I love sending sims to Twikki Island, too - its my most often used vacation subhood.

    1. I'm not a great writer, but I know I can do better than this, I'm glad you liked it though.

      Twikii Island looks the most like where I would want to go on vacation, so I send my sims there a little bit too much :)